How to Download & Use Facebook Home App (Android)

Facebook recently made it clear that they are not going to manufacturer any Facebook smartphone but they are going to provide some quality smartphone apps. Facebook and Messenger are the two already most popular apps available for android smartphones but now a very new kind of app is available.

Facebook HomeFacebook Home is a very new and impressive user interface that will change the UI of your smartphone completely and also you’ll find communicating with your friends and family easier than before. Facebook launched the Home UI with a smartphone manufactured by HTC i.e. HTC First but it is now available at GooglePlay store for other android smartphone as well.

The only limitation with the Facebook Home app is that it is compatible with only Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One X and HTC One X+. So, if you own any of these smartphones then you can use the Facebook Home UI app but you need to wait if you own any other smartphone. Now if you have any of those listed smartphone then I’m here with the tutorial on how to download and use Facebook home app.

Download Facebook Home UI App

The Facebook Home UI app is available at the official GooglePlay store and if you have any of the already listed android smartphone then you can download that as you’ve done with any other android app.

Facebook Home UI App

Use Facebook Home App on Android

Once you’ve downloaded Facebook Home UI app then it will get installed automatically and you’ll find a shortcut in the menu label as “Home Settings”. Now you need to get into that shortcut to start using Home UI on your android smartphone. When you enable this UI, then it gets deeply integrated into your smartphone and you’ll find it everywhere.

Your traditional homescreen changes completely as now you’ll see live updates going on behind the screen at home with status updates all from your friends and family members. You can easily double tap on homescreen to like a particular photo and also comment right from there.

The best part of this UI is the Chat Heads. Chat Heads are the little head shortcuts of all the people you care most. Most of the time, you’re doing conversation with persons who are close to your life. Now you can take out a particular person and use him as chat head.

Benefit of using this feature is that you can start conversation from anywhere around your smartphone. Wherever you go in your smartphone, you’ll find that chat head and you can instantly continue the conversation.

You can move chat head anywhere on the screen and also keep two or three or any number of chat heads but it would be great if you keep the person with whom you chat most of the time in a day. Isn’t it an impressive feature?


As all the best updates from your friends are visible right at the home screen so you don’t need to login into Facebook app or use it via browser in order to see what all going on your most valuable social network. Best part is that, at home screen you’ll see stuff from friends only.

According to the developers of this app, the main aim is to give people the importance rather than to apps. Till now we were using our smartphone to interact with different apps but now with Facebook Home UI it will be again people and no doubt we all need to give importance to people rather than to apps.

After installing and activating it, you’ll miss out widgets on home screen but I hope Facebook will update this feature in the next version of this wonderful UI app. One more thing to add before closing it down here is that it will require some time in order to get use to of this elegant and impressive home UI.

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