How to Download and Install Micromax PC Suite (Free Download)

Micromax has emerged as one of the most popular brand for people who want to buy feature mobile phones and smartphones at budget price. This means lots of users are there who are searching for a Micromax PC suite free download so that they can control their mobile phone or smartphone via PC or laptop.

When it comes managing of mobile phones or smartphones via computer or laptop PC suites come into the role. Every brand provides PC suite software which is compatible with each and every feature mobile phone so that user can control their device via PC or laptop.

Here I’m with the tutorial on download and install Micromax PC suite easily. I’ll provide link to download Micromax PC suite for free at the end of the tutorial but first let me take you to little review of the PC suite.

Micromax PC Suite Review

Micromax PC suite doesn’t look professional at all. Its UI is looks very dull and not at all impressive. After going through the UI of the Micromax PC suite I thought that developers made it just to let users do the things without adding any design value. Even the color combinations are very foolish.

Now coming to the tools this PC suite got to let you control your mobile phone or smartphone or tablet via PC or laptop. Did I write tablet too? Yes, this PC suite supports Micromax tablets too and you can control them using this free PC suite comfortably.

Micromax PC Suite Review

You can easily transfer files from your computer or laptop to your mobile phone or smartphone or tablet by using its file transfer tool.

The PC suite also allows you to create backup of all your personal data stored on your device and save it on your computer or laptop. At time when you’ve lost all of your personal data then you can get back all by using the backup comfortably.

Micromax Next feature to talk about is that Micromax PC suite allows you to change few settings of your device too. This is a good feature in deed to be there in the PC suite as you will be pleased to control your device via mouse pointer.

The best feature I found in this PC suite is that you can even control the apps that you’ve installed on your smartphone or tablet. All Micromax smartphones and tablets operate on different versions of android operating system. Android has got a bunch of apps to be installed on your device and the PC suite allows you to control it via your PC or laptop.

Other features to talk about are the Phone Book/contact control, MMS, SMS, Images/Pictures and off course the PC suite settings.

So features are good which a user expects but the UI is very poor.

Download and Install Micromax PC Suite

You can download Micromax PC suite for free from this source and once it is downloaded then start the installation as you do with other software. Installation doesn’t require any other add-on and it is almost trouble free.

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