Free Entertainment Apps for Android 2013

One of the things I like to do with my android smartphone is to get entertain myself. I find a lot of apps these days to get myself entertain and enjoy my free time. These are available for free as well paid and it’s completely up to me that what I want.

These apps are sometimes very much interesting and funny and seriously don’t make me bore. I bet you if you’ll go through these apps once than I’m sure you’ll laugh many times a day which is the basics to lead a happy life.

#1 Talking Tom Cat

Most of the people like me like the pets but don’t like the extra works as taking care of my pet, care of pet’s food, health and other boring stuff. But, think if you have a pet and don’t need to take care of that.

Talking Tom Cat

Yes, it is possible now my Talking Tom Cat app allows me to do anything with it. I can make him purr, she will repeat everything I’ll say, poke his forehead, feet and can grab his tell too.

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I just can’t stop my laugh while doing these things and I’m damn sure you’ll also love that and the biggest thing is that it is for free so just cheers now. You can also try the second version of it. It is also available for free. [Download]

#2 nexGTv

In my free time I would like to watch TV as I don’t get enough free time to watch it at my homeL. But this nexGTv app allows me to watch almost every TV channel.


Now I can watch live cricket matches, my favorite shows, wild life channels and limitless more. The best thing I find in this app is the picture quality and options to adjust the tone of the screen.

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I can also download every video I’m watching absolutely free with best quality and this app is also free of cost so now I think there isn’t any point left to not to use this app. [Download]

#3 BookMyShow

Sometimes when girlfriend asks me to take her to the movie and I don’t have enough time to buy the tickets I seriously give thanks to this BookMyShow app. I can book all movie tickets, concerts, IPL tickets and other shows planned in my city.


All the big multiplexes provide their services in sync with this app. Some of these big fish are INOX, City Gold, E-SQUARE, Fun Cinemas and many local theaters as well.

Now any time my girlfriend tells me to take her to the movie I can go with her without the tension that I’ve to reach early to get the tickets, I can do it from my office. Isn’t it a cool app? Yes, I think! [Download]

#4 Face Changer

I like clicking photos and editing them in an idiotic way of humor. My friends sometimes appreciate me and also give me not so good looks. But everyone burst at laugh after seeing the edited avatar of him.

Face Changer

I can make their face large, thin and fat, can grow mustache or other hairs, and can make them look with specs and countless more tools to look them unbelievable funny.

I’m damn sure you will surely enjoy this app with your friends and it is absolutely free free free! [Download]

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