How to Download and Install WhatsApp for PC on Windows Free

WhatsApp is a seriously cool messaging application for Android, iOS and Blackberry platforms. In this article, we show you how to download and install Whatsapp for PC to get the best out of this awesome app. Whatsapp is getting better and better with each new version and its popularity is increasing in spite of strong competition in the messaging apps arena. In our opinion, no other messaging app can beat WhatsApp but Hangout from Google is starting to provide a bit of competition.

WhatsApp is a cross platform messaging app that means it works with all different platforms simultaneously but it is still not available for PC. If you using Windows operating system then you can’t install WhatsApp directly but there are other options available.

Download WhatsApp to Windows PC

There are two ways by which you can download WhatsApp and use it on your PC on Windows operating system. Both ways are working well as I personally used them.

Via BlueStacks

BlueStacks is software available right now in Beta version which allows downloading and installing of all android apps right on your Windows or Mac PC. You don’t need to add any other plugin or software, just install BlueStacks and you can use all android apps on your Windows PC.

You can get BlueStacks software copy for free from the official website and then install it. If you own an android device then add details of your device and if you don’t own then skip that part. Once the software is ready to use then you can search for any android app and install it on BlueStacks.


The only requirement is that your PC should have latest graphics drivers installed as BlueStacks didn’t worked with my previous version of graphics card so I updated it then it worked fine.

UI of BlueStacks is very simple and you can comfortably search and install any app. So, search for WhatsApp, you’ll find it at top, install it and start using it. You need to enter your mobile number to activate all the features of WhatsApp.

Search for Whatsapp on BlueStacks

Alternatively, you can also try one more software like BlueStacks that is known as YouWave. YouWave is not available for free but you can try it for free for few days.

So, this was the simple trick to download and install WhatsApp for PC on Windows free. All of the features of WhatsApp may not work as this app requires cellular connection but still you can have a preview of the app.

If phone verification works for you then you’ll be able to use complete features of WhatsApp on your PC. In my case, this feature worked but I can’t commit whether it work for you or not as this trick is receiving mix reviews.

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