Top Free Entertainment Apps for Windows 8 [2013]

Entertainment is most important in everyday’s stressful life of the modern era. It helps me relax after a long horrible day sitting out on my chair in my cubical. These free entertainment apps are not for continuing use but for short time interval they are quite effective.

Windows 8 Store

On my new Windows 8 smartphone I’ve access to thousand numbers of apps which are enough to entertain me. They are mainly funny photoshop edit, flash games, jokes and much more but I’m including only the free entertainment apps for Windows 8.

Here below are some of the best entertainment apps. Hope you’ll like them.

#1  Crayola Art Studio

This app is just to express my feelings on the paint board. It has 12 unique paint brushes which allow me to do everything with colours. This could be best for showing to others that how creative I could be.

Crayola Art Studio

Crayons, water colours, chalk, pencil and many more are there to help you when you are about to draw something. I can also edit images in it to give them a better touch and make them feel better.

#2 Mini Piano Windows 8

Music has always been the best solution to get relax.

Mini Piano Windows 8


Windows 8 has Mini Piano app inbuilt in it so that I can play the songs of my wish to feel better or learn some of the tunes from the already installed songs in it.

#3 Xero Music Player

A good music player is a must requirement of any device.

Xero Music Player

My solution to this problem is this tiny yet effective music player which supports live background tile and most importantly it takes minimum memory in my device.

#4 Tom and Jerry Show

No matter how old I’m, I always love to watch this show and now this is available as an app for my Windows 8 device.

Tom and Jerry Show


It is the best cartoon show ever I’ve watched and I still burst in laugh every time I watch it.

#5 Flick Mania

When listening to a song  sometimes wants to know that who wrote it and of course the singer name also.

Flick Mania

This app not only provides me info about songs but about movies form both Bollywood and Hollywood also.

#6 Le Moustache

I like editing images very much and when it comes to changing the face it’s amazing.

Le Moustache


This app allows me to add various moustache on any face available on my phone and the growth of moustache can be done easily by + and – option buttons. So start having fun with buddies.

#7 Cricket Simulator

Cricket lovers like me will surely get fascinate by this app. This is something to give somewhat real life like experience and it has the most famous format of today’s cricket T20I.

Cricket Simulator

With the participation of over 133 national teams and different pitches and ground this is something very cool and entertaining app.

#8 WWE Daily Updates

The news of most famous ring fights WWE RAW and Smackdown will be updated to your phone.

WWE Daily Updates


This app wilt tells you about the daily news, fixtures and everything from the arena. So I think it’ll be better to install this if you’re crazy about WWE.

#9 Jokes Corner LOL

If don’t have anything to laugh the try this one out. It consist jokes about husband wife, teacher students, girly jokes and some all time favourite.

Jokes Corner LOL


You’ll surely burst in laugh after reading them and this is my personal experience.

#10 Captionize

Whenever I click a photo this app adds some hilarious captions to it.



I can add captions manually or automatically both ways. It has sharing options also on social networking websites. So I hope you’ll try it out at least once.

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