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Do you like to watch TV? Well, the answer expected from all of you is ‘Yes’ only. But what if your favorite TV show or film is going on, but you are on the go, and thus don’t have any access to TV? Isn’t it a weird situation?

Well, what if your Android can help you in this case? Yes, it is possible. You can watch TV on your Android while on the move. There are many apps in Google Play for this purpose. I have tried many such apps till date, but the results have been very poor so far.

nexGTv Android App

That poor time is no more as I can now watch TV on my Android while on the go. All thanks to nexGTv Android App  which makes it possible. Those who are hearing this name for first time, nexGTv is an Android TV that lets the Android users watch TV on the go.

This is not any other so-called app, but an app that actually works and lets users watch TV on the go. The app is a complete pack of features, the features that convert your Android into a portable TV. Here are the features of nexGTv Android App .

Features of nexGTv Android App

The best part about this app is its user interface. It is very simple and lets you access more than 100 Indian Channels on  the go. If you want to watch any of your favorite content again, then you can do so via its Replay feature. The on-demand feature is also a part of the app.

nexGTv AppThe best thing that I like about this app is that it does not want you to have the 3G connection strongly. You can enjoy the live TV on the go even if you have 2G connection.

All thanks to Adaptive-bit-rate streaming feature of this app that lets you enjoy the live TV on 2G connection. This feature is best because the 3G data plans in India are very costly. Most of the people in India have 2G connection with them.

Apart from these amazing features, you can watch the TV in full screen mode, can switch between the channels with fast and ease, can check the time of your favorite show or movie with the help of Integrated Electronic Program Guide.

If you don’t like any particular channel, then you can delete that as well. The Recording feature lets you record your favorite content so that you can enjoy it anytime offline.

While watching any of your favorite channel, you can control the screen quality, colors, sound etc. with single tap on screen. ‘Picture in Picture’ mode is also a part of the feature-set of nexGTv Android App.

nexGTv Android App Free Download

As the app is free, so there is not any risk in downloading and checking if the features that this app claims to have, are there in actual or not. The app has got 4.5 star rating so far, which speaks about the features of this app.

nexGTv Android App Free Download

You can download nexGTv Android App  from the official GooglePlay store. The app is available for free to download and if you like the app then do leave a comment here as your comments helps me to improve my blog. Thanks :)

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