Alienware 2013 Theme Pack for Windows 7/8 (Download)

Being a part of this technology world, I do most of my work on computer. I just love to work on my computer because it helps me perform work faster. I’m always looking for changing the theme of my Windows PC and Alienware 2013 themes are really impressive.

Frankly speaking, it’s not about my love or interest in computer, I am compelled by my boss to complete the projects in time and for this I use computer.

Alienware Theme for Windows

Well, working with computer can be a poor task if it has poor look. I am not talking about the outer look, but inner one, the ‘theme’ what we call them. I keep on changing wallpapers on my PC to keep it fresh for me.

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Wallpapers alone can’t help us in this cause, but themes can. I have Windows 7 on my PC, and this OS has got many themes for it. All thanks to hard-working developers.

What? you don’t know what a ‘theme’ is? Pretty sad point, but let me explain that one first. A theme is nothing but a preset package of graphical appearance details. This package is used to customize the look of an operating systems.

Alienware Theme For Windows 7/8

There are many theme packs developed for Windows 7, which can be downloaded from Internet with ease.

If you have switched to latest version of Windows, the Microsoft Windows 8, then also you have option to pick a theme to use on it, from a huge list of theme packs available.The immense interest of developers has resulted in release of many theme packs for both Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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As stated previously, I keep on installing theme packs on my Windows 7 based PC to keep myself interested in using it. I have tried many theme packs till date, but simply addicted to ‘Alienware theme pack’. I thought to give it a try after seeing the huge no. of downloads and good reviews about this theme pack by users.

What is Alienware Theme Pack?

Alienware is computer hardware subsidiary of Dell. The company is known for making gaming laptops under the same name ‘Alienware’. The true gaming freaks out of you might be familiar with the Alienware laptops already.

The theme that comes pre-installed in Alienware gaming laptops is simply awesome and Alienware theme pack lets you enjoy the same look on your  Windows 7 or Windows 8 based PC.

Alienware 2013

Talking about the features of Alienware 2013 theme pack, this theme gives a fresh look to windows. The Alienware 2013 theme pack lets you customize the look of your Windows OS by Alienware-specific icons, wallpapers and cursors.

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Because of its night shadow feature, this theme is simply awesome for those, who use computer at night. The theme pack is free to download and quite easy to install.

Download Alienware Theme for Windows

Well, before you download theme pack, it’s good to thanks to deviant art user Hameddanger, the developer of this theme pack. Come on, thanks him, it’s a matter of humanity.

You can download Alienware theme pack for Windows 7/8 from below. Bingo it’s free and both 32 bit and 64 bit versions are supported.

Alienware Skin Pack (32 Bit Version)

Alienware Skin Pack (64 Bit Version)

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