Top 7 Best Android Apps 2013

Apps are what making smartphones and tablets to count and now Microsoft is also into the market with latest Windows 8 launch. Windows 8 is doing as expected because Microsoft kept the things as with the current customer’s needs. Right now it’s the android and iOS devices everywhere and the android is leading.

There are more than 70,000 apps available at the GooglePlay store which is the store for apps in Android operating system. The download stats of these apps have crossed the 35 billion mark and it’s still counting and will never end.

Best Android Apps 2013

Though android developers are trying their best to get up to the mark where iOS apps are but still they are way behind. Everyone knows that it’s not the hardware or software, it’s the quality of apps which is reason behind iOS success story.

Once you start GooglePlay store app on your android smartphone or tablet then you will find lots of trending apps that are popular and recommended for you. Google uses your search history to provide recommended apps for you but still there are lots of apps that you don’t know but they are best and have unique features.

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Here is a list of top 7 best android apps available in 2013 to download on your android smartphone or tablet. These apps are very popular and trending in this New Year.

#1 Instant Effect Fx

Everyone like taking pictures with their smartphones and tablets and this is the right app for you using which you can add lots of funny and cool effects to your pictures.

Instant Effect Fx

You can use lots of available filters to give unique touch to your picture. You can directly share your picture to your social networking profiles using the same app. [Download]

#2 Goibibo

The app is very popular for those who like to travel a lot throughout the world. Using this app you can book domestic and international flights and you will find the best deals with this app.


You can even book hotel, hire bus or car, etc and give your valuable feedbacks to the other users. So it’s a complete package of the travel solution. [Download]

#3 Yamgo Free Mobile TV

Watching TV is everyone’s favorite hobby but as we grow old we don’t get time for our favorite hobby but using this app you can watch your favorite TV channel on your device and that too on High Definition quality. [Download]

#4 Windows 8 Launcher

Windows 8 is the latest trend in the technology world but you love your android gadget. Using this app you can change the look of your android smartphone or tablet same as of windows 8 operating system.

The app is very light weight and it won’t affect the processing speed of your device. [Download]

#5 Groupon – Daily Deals, Coupons

If you always looking for best deal in your local area then this is the right app. You don’t need to subscribe to any email alerts instead the app will tell you the best deal near your local area.

Groupon - Daily Deals, Coupons


The app will also notify you when the deal is going to close. [Download]

#6 Internet Speed Up Booster

Internet access is the most used feature of a smartphone or tablet and if you want to increase the speed of internet then install this app and leave the things on it. App is available for free at GooglePlay store. [Download]

#7 Call Recorder

This is a simple app that will help you in recording your phone calls.

Call Recorder

The app will do it automatically and its simplicity is making it the best call recorder app for android. [Download]

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  1. You provide a nice list of free android apps. Thanks for sharing with us. Apart from these app there is one more android app Last Message, it’s a free app and very useful.

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