3G Watchdog – Track Internet Data Usage on Android Mobile

Today, we are going to put review on 3G Watchdog App which helps one to track internet data usage on Android Mobile. Gone are the days when people use to buy mobile phones to make phone calls only. The time has changed completely. Now people look for high-end features in their smartphones. This change in trend has caused by Android, the open mobile OS which holds more than 70 percent share of total mobile users worldwide.

Though the smartphones do come with good features, but everyone knows that smartphone is nothing without internet in it. The smartphone without internet is like a gadget with limited features, the features that will get used by user in a few days, and then the user will bored from his/her smartphone.


If you also have Android smartphones, then you must be having Internet connection on it. Well, I also do have the both and I just love spending time with my Android smartphone. My poor habit of using Internet on my Android smartphones has resulted a big mobile bills as well. But this problem is past now. Now I don’t overcome my monthly data usage. All thanks to ’3G Watchdog’. Know what ’3G Watchdog’ is? Here is ‘what’.

What is 3G Watchdog Android Application?

3G Watchdog is an app for Android devices that is made for data tracking purposes. The over usage of Internet data by Android users is a common problem, but this app tracks data usage and end the poor problem of overuse of data. Well, there are tens of thousands of apps that are meant for data tracking purposes, but Watchdog surely stands among the best. The app has gained overwhelming response from the users and 4.5 star rating in Google Play.


Features of 3G Watchdog :

The features list of this amazing app is huge, but the reason why I use this app is its accuracy of data count. Before coming to this app, I used many data tracking apps and result was always poor. But not the same with 3G Watchdog. The users can set the maximum data limit in the app and this app notifies them when the data usage is about to end. he users can set any bill cycle date as well. For example, suppose that your bill hits your doors every month’s 10th, then set this as your bill cycle and once this cycle passes, the 3G Watchdog alerts you about this and reset the data limit set by and start tracking your data usage from scratch.


3G Watchdog also comes with Widgets option. So the users can create widgets and can place them on their Android’s homescreen. The 3G Watchdog can also be place on status bar. It totally depends on user’s desires.

Though the free app does come with amazing features, but one has the choice to opt for pro version as well. The pro version unlocks the features like; usage history with graph & CSV export,  5 widget styles, revamped UI, auto backup feature.

Download 3G Watchdog

As reported in the description of this app in Google Play, the app does not work good on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 8.9,  Samsung Galaxy Y, Samsung Galaxy R / Z (i9103), HTC Vivid on ICS and HTC Velocity 4G. So it’s not good to use this app on these particular Android devices. The others can download without giving it a second thought. Download 3G Watchdog from the Google Play. Here is the link.

So folks, I hope you enjoyed this article on downloading 3G Watchdog and if you have any problem or want to share your own views then please do comment.

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