Top Rainmeter Enigma Theme, Suite or Skin in 2013

If you want to change the look of your desktop and also want to have new design controls then Rainmeter themes are the best one. Their unique design is perfect and you will surely like the different skins and suites. You can choose your favorite theme easily and add that to your windows desktop.

The best feature of these themes is that lots of widgets are added automatically that can be used to control a particular program or function in our windows system.

Rainmeter Enigma Themes 2013

You can record voice notes, create text notes, control the media player, start and close few applications and software. You can also customize and rearrange the things on your desktop in your own way.

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Another best feature which you will glad to read is that the Rainmeter is open source software which is distributed under the terms of the GNY GPL v2 license that means the software is free of cost and the standard license ensures that it is free from any virus or malware risks.

Download Rainmeter

You can download Rainmeter easily by simply going to the Official HomePage and then clicking on the download button at the bottom.

You will find two available versions there, one is 2.5 which is still under Beta and the second one is 2.4 Final which is stable version.

You can download any one you like to use. The Rainmeter works fine on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and also on Windows 8. So you can use it on your any windows desktop.


Once the download is complete then you can install it as normal software. Once the installation is completed then you will have your desktop customized.

Enigma Theme or Skin

This suite is developed by Kaelri and it is very stylish. It will turn the look of your desktop into a very stylish one and you will find lots of controls at the desktop. You can put application launcher at taskbar and widgets on the sidebars.

Rainmeter Enigma Theme

The design is very elegant and simple that is the reason behind its recommendation.

You can use any of the wallpaper from its wide collection and also change the color schemes. No need of any programming skills is required and you can play with the suite easily to customize the look of your desktop.

It also supports third party stylesheets using which the design can be completely changed. It comes with three pre installed theme that will surely fix in the display of your PC.

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Lots of widgets and utility applications have been included in the suite like RSS feed, feed readers, Gmail, Notepads, Remember The Milk, Google Calendar, Yahoo! Weather, CPU & RAM status, IP address, etc.

To use this beautiful and elegant suite you need to first install the Rainmeter on your desktop. Make sure that you have installed at least Rainmeter 2.4 Beta or higher version.

The Suite also supports Windows 8 operating system and if you don’t like the Metro look then this is the right software or tool for you.

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