Nimbuzz for Nokia & Samsung Mobile (Download)

Smartphones are everywhere these days and very few people talk about the mobile phones. This is because of the faster mobile internet connectivity that is offered by the smartphones.

It’s the apps which are making smartphones working but owing a smartphone creates lots of problems as well. According to me smartphone enters into your privacy and the time which you were spending with your friends actually is now covered by the smartphone.

This is what I really don’t like as we all are leaving our personal life on the support of smartphones.

Nimbuzz for Mobile Phones

So if you are a mobile phone lover like me and still want to use internet on the go then I have a little surprise for those who don’t know this till now.

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If your mobile phone supports GPRS or EDGE connectivity feature and JAVA then you can install lots of apps too.

These apps are developed using JAVA as their platform which makes them run on any supporting device.

WhatsApp and other similar apps let their users chat with their friends on social networks on the go. The same function is done by few apps that are developed for mobile phones as well.

Nimbuzz is one of those apps and it is available on wide number of mobile phones.

What is Nimbuzz?

Nimbuzz is a JAVA app that is compatible with lots of mobile phones which supports JAVA and has GPRS/EDGE or 3G connectivity.

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Most of the Nokia and Samsung mobile phones are supported and their users can use this app to connect and chat with their social network friends. The app design is very simple to use and using it is very simple.

How to Install Nimbuzz?

You need to follow these instructions on your mobile phone to install and use the Nimbuzz. If you have Nokia or Samsung mobile then your device is surely going to support it.

  1. Launch the browser of your mobile phone and search for Nimbuzz on Google or on any search engine.
  2. Pick the right official URL of Nimbuzz from the search result and Nimbuzz will detect your device automatically and you will be provided with the download link.
  3. Use this link to download the app that will be installed once downloaded on your device.
  4. Now start the app and register for a new account. Once your account is created then start adding your social network (Facebook, Google, etc) accounts to it.

That’s it! Now you can use Nimbuzz to chat with your friends. You can go online, offline, busy, etc as you were able to go on any smartphone or on desktop. When someone leaves you a message then you will get notification (vibrate and ring).

Get Nimuzz on Samsung or Nokia Mobile

If you don’t find Nimbuzz for your device then you can go to official page and check whether your device is supported or not.

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Nimbuzz developers know that most of the mobile phone users have either Nokia or Samsung devices so they have covered all the devices. Nimbuzz is a great app for traditional mobile phones and it is also available for smartphones and BlackBerry device.

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