Kik Messenger for Android, iPhone, Nokia & PC : Download Free

With the welcome of smartphone in the world we got many other application which made smartphone more valuable and One of them is the  Kik Messenger.

Anyone who want to do instant messaging can use many application but with Kik Messenger you can do so with more trust and reliability as its available with us from 2010.

The best feature with this application is its method of using username instead of Mobile Number which will provide you more privacy than other such application. With  1,40,00,000 users used it at free of cost and increasing this number by day to day.  Kik messenger got 4.4 out of 5 as rank on Google Store.

People wants to escape from regular charges for message service by Data provider can use this application to send free massages and many more things.

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Kik Messenger

Kik Messenger Features :

  1. Operating system:  We can use this application on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Symbian Operating System with out any expenses
  2. Speedy: As all features contain in Kik Messenger is made to time save you can do all your work as quick as possible.
  3. Private: This application is using Username and not mobile number which will make personal which will help you in keeping your Details secret.
  4. Individual  or Group Chat: You can have group or Individual chat with your friend so you can chat with Individual & whole Group as and when needed.
  5. Ad-free: Most of Instant Messaging services are irritating by proving unwanted Advertising when you are talking seriously with someone. But with Kik Messenger this is eliminated.
  6. Sketch, YouTube , Image Search Content Messages: you can share and search  sketch of your or yours friends and you can also share YouTube content with your friends.

Kik Messenger for Android, iPhone and PC Free Download

With lots of features and you may want to download it and if yes then follow given steps as per your needs.

  1. iTunes the App Store:  To Download Kik Messenger for your iPhone Device you may refer to the given link
  2. The Google Play Store:  If are on Google Play than get Kik Messenger for Androif SmartPhone
  3. Windows Marketplace:  Those who want to use it on Windows Phone can click here to make your way easy.
  4. Ovi Store: People can download it from Ovi Store for Nokia Mobiles from here
  5. BlackBerry:  People having BlackBerry photo may have bigger process than other but that can be easily from here here.

Kik Messenger for PC is also available but for that you must refer to my previously posted guide about Android Emulator.

Kik Messenger App

How to Register and Use Kik Messenger?

After downloading Kik Messenger for your devices its time to get a new guide on how to use it after registering their. You have to open the app and they will ask to register your application their by submitting the email ID as well as password. Also you must give your mobile number as they might a verification code for confirmation of your identity.

So folks, I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any problem or want to share your own views about Kik Messenger then please do comment and we will surely respond to your queries.

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