Download Torch Browser for Windows 7 or 8 for Free [Review]

I know you’ve got the Chrome or the Firefox’s Mozilla web browser and you don’t need to look for any other but I’m aware of another fact i.e. you use separate programs for video and torrent downloading.

This is true, you must be using separate software which allows you to download videos from websites like YouTube and when it comes to downloading files from torrents then you require torrent client.

Torch Browser for Windows

So, I’m here with a simple solution that has a brand tag of Torch. Yes, it’s just another web browser that provides great browsing speed and off course the security which must be thinking of.

If you like or trust the security features of Chrome then you must be pleased to know that Torch browser is also developed on the Chromium source language. This means, Torch also provides better security with simple, smooth and secure browsing experience.

Download Torch Broswer Free

You can visit the official home page of the browser community and click on the download button there on you can try the offline installer too.

Download Torch Browser


To get the latest version of Torch browser, head on to the official page.

Windows 8 Compatible

If you’ve upgraded to Windows 8 then you must be wondering whether it is compatible with the Windows 8 or not.

I must tell you that the browser is completely compatible with the latest Windows 8 and off course all the previous Windows OS versions (XP, Vista and 7).

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So you can download torch web browser on windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 operating systems.

Features of Torch

Now before downloading, you should at least know the features of this new web browser that will force you to change the current browser.

Secure – as I already mentioned above that the browser is developed on the chromium source codes so the security tab is very strong.

Performance – I tried the browser on my Windows 7 PC and Windows 8 running laptop and I found the performance was awesome. It’s all like looks like chrome if I talk about performance.

Simple – simplicity is awesome. Everything is placed at right place and using torch was a completely new and simple experience.

Now the above features are there in the chrome too so why to install the Torch browser?

Torch Browser Features

Sharing – I know these days you like sharing important links, stories, news to your friends via Facebook or any other social sharing website. The browser has got a dedicated button at top bar, click that and the URL will be shared with your online social networks. Again it’s simple!

Video Download – while watching videos on any video sharing website, you must have wonder to download the video but you need to install another software for that. Well, now Torch provides dedicated button using which you can directly download and save videos easily.

In built Torrent Client – thank God, at last I don’t need to install torrent client now as Torch provides in built torrent client using which you can download torrents files easily. The speed of the downloading was also good.

You can watch the video down here to know more about the powerful and free Torch browser.

Torch Browser Review

As per my experience, I’ll add 4.5 stars out of 5 as a torch browser review as it is simple, fast, secure and has more social integration than any other browser till now.

The in-built torrent client and video downloader features are awesome and after reading about them I installed and started using it.

So folks, are you going to change and try the all new free Torch Web browser? After using don’t forget to mention the Torch browser review here below in your comments. If you found browser worth then share it with your friends.

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  1. S.Nor says:

    You can also use torch browser to download audio files off the web. I use it on grooveshark, pandora, bandcamp etc. It’s very very fast, I like it.

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