Best Custom ROMs for Galaxy Y S5360 & S2 (ICS/Jelly Bean) 2013

If you own Galaxy Y S5360 or Galaxy S2, then this article is surely going to please you, as I am listing here the top 5 custom ROMs for these. Android smartphones come with a default version of Android, which we call as Stock ROM of that Android device.

If you have got bored from the original one , then you must install custom ROMs on Galaxy S2 or Y S5360 for teh year 2013. Thanks to hard-working developers that keep working 24*7 to make such brilliant things and thus bring awesome features in our old Android device.

Note : Its assumed that you people already know that how install custom ROM into your Android mobile, so that we are now able to give some of the best list below, if you don’t know how to do it, then you can surely refer to some of the guides available on Internet, or just stay tuned with us, we will share another new article on the same topic.

Custom ROMs for Galaxy Y S5360 & Galaxy S2

5 Best Custom ROMs for Galaxy Y S5360 & Galaxy S2

So have a look to below given grand and free list, as the process of installing various things is different, I am just unable to how to install it, so you can search for the same in search engines and get the method to install it into your mobile after rooting.

ICS Styled USSR V8 for Galaxy Y S5360

The Gingerbread OS on your Galaxy Y5360 has become too old. Replace it now. Replace it, and install this Ice Cream Sandwich custom ROM on your Samsung Galaxy Y S5360.

It is one of the most downloaded custom ROMs. This custom ROM brings plenty of amazing features on mobile. By installing it, you can enjoy better user interface, more RAM, fast processing speed, Google Now and other Google Apps etc.

JellyBean Blast Custom ROM

Jelly Bean Blast Custom ROM for Galaxy Y S5360

Want to taste the latest version, the Jelly Bean of Android? Install this one on your smartphone. This custom ROM for Galaxy Y S5360 has received good feedback from users.

Though this one does not bring all features of Jelly Bean, but is good enough to taste the latest version of Android. After installing it, you may face some bugs as well, which is not any matter of surprise, as this is not official one.


The first thing that you will like after installing this is its speed. Being small in size, you will get the performance at its best. This one brings ICS interface on your Samsung mobile. The ROM is DXKL2 build. High no. of downloads and positive reviews make it stand in this queue of best custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Y S5360.

Resurrection Remix Jelly Bean Custom ROM for Galaxy S2

Taste the Android Jelly Bean on your Galaxy S2 by installing this custom ROM. Just go through the reviews for this by the users, and you will surely agree find our decision right, the decision of tagging this one as the best custom ROM for Galaxy S2.

This ROM is available in 4.1.2 and 4.2.1. The version 4.1.2 is more stable, and less no. of bugs are there in it. While the latter one may be tough for you to install. And after installing, you will face few bugs in it.

Paranoid Android v2.54 for Galaxy S2

This ROM is best for those who want deep customize options. By installing this, you can tweak app’s color settings, DPI of each app, and can change the size of icons according to your desire. There was tough competition of this ROM with others for this last spot in the list of best custom ROMs for  Galaxy S2, but after trying it, you will find it better than any other custom ROM.

You get the combination of good performance and deep customization. This is what every Android user wants from his/her Android device in the best new year 2013. Right?

Folks, if I share my story with you then I would like to tell you that, when I purchased my new Android Mobile in 2013, then I was very much new to it, but now after a well bit of research I have prepared to publish this article here. If you have any doubt or want to share you own views about this then please do post your comment here!

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