Top 5 Apps for Rooted Android Mobile in 2013

Today, I am going to write about top applications or apps for rooted Android Mobile in 2013. Lets, see the introduction first and then main article. For all those out of you, who have rooted their Android device, this article is quite useful.

If you are newbie, then you might be wondering that what does rooting mean. Well, in simple words, if you root your Android OS, you unleash its hidden powers. You can use all the services that your manufacturer pack in your phone, but does not let you use them.

Keeping the meaning of ‘rooting’ short and simple, it makes you admin of your own mobile.

So if you are one of those advance  users who have rooted their device, might be wondering that ‘what’s next’? The next step is downloading the apps on your rooted Android device. There are many to avail the space on your memory. Let’s have a look at the best apps for rooted Android mobile in 2013 which you would love to know.

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Best 5 Apps for Rooted Android Smartphone in 2013

Here, I have given the top list of application which works good for Rooted Android Operating system whether its mobile or tablet. It will work fine on both, so just have a look!

Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup

Though you can take backup manually, but the best way to do so is by using apps made for this purpose. Titanium Backup is the best of in this category. You can take backup of all files including SMS, Call Logs, Important Files, WiFi passwords with single click.

The best thing is that you can store the backup file into your Dropbox account within the app. This app indeed deserves to be on no.1 spot in this list of top 5 apps for rooted Android mobiles in 2013.

Juice Defender

Juice Defender

This app works on both type. This app is about extending battery backup of your device. Juice Defender tweaks the settings in your mobile such as lowering the display resolution, stopping the unwanted running apps etc. These results in increasing battery backup of your mobile, and allows you to use your rooted Android mobile without any compromise.

Root Explorer

For what purpose have you rooted your Android mobile? To be a real owner of it? But you can’t be so till you don’t have full access to complete system. This app lets you have full access. You can check the system and other files deeply, and can delete, move, copy them with  single tap. One of must have apps on rooted Android mobile in 2013.

Screenshot It

Screenshot It

Ever thought of taking screenshots in apps/games, or while doing any task in your mobile? Do it with ease with Screenshot It. The app requires your Mobile to be rooted first, and thus, avails spot in this list of best apps for rooted Android mobiles in 2013. You can take screenshot of complete screen or any part of your choice. The screenshot is saved in .png and .jpg formats.



Control the processing speed of your rooted device by using this app on it. You can set the Processor’s frequency to the value that you wish to. This feature makes it one of the must have apps for rooted Android mobile in 2013.

You can set any maximum and minimum value to your choice. As the app has got simple user interface, so it is damn simple to use. Note : This is Premium application, you have to pay Rs 100 ($2) to download this.

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So are you going to download these apps on your rooted Android mobile? Come on, don’t be lazy. Do it straight away because it will surely enhance the usability of your system so trust me because I already use these applications  and it just works like charm for me. So if you have any kina issue with these list? Then please do comment and let us know!

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