Vodafone 3G Data Plans & Mobile Internet Settings 2013

Vodafone 3G  gives you smart an better speed while surfing web on your mobile as well as on your PC. We all know that its one of the oldest and finest telecom service provider all over the world and in India also it has great base.

So today I am going to provide you a detailed article on Vodafone 3G Data Plans as well as Tariff for 2013 and also Mobile Internet Settings which are latest and updated one directly taken from an official source.

With this third generation data packs activated onto your mobile phone you will be able to enjoy high speed internet and live TV directly into your cell phone.

Vodafone has taken care of at most packs varying from daily, weekly to monthly plans for all type of users of mobile internet and I have described the same here in this article, also their network speed is awesome which we all people are aware of, so its worth trying out Vodafone 3G Internet Plans in the year 2013 onto your mobile as well as computer or PC.

So not taking your much time now, let me introduce the official Data Packs which you have been waiting from when.

Vodafone 3G Internet Packs

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Vodafone 3G Plans & Internet Tariff in 2013

This is the official tariff packs which they have officially published and I have listed the same here.

It has also shown that how to activate that particular Vodafone 3G pack 2013 into your mobile phone and the main thing is that its universal and working for all the states like Mumbai, Gujarat, Kolkata and all other states where you have 3rd Generation networks of this telecom company with which you will be able to surf Internet at super fast speed. (This below given table is 100% trust-able and its for prepaid customers only.

To know the 3G packs for Postpaid please visit official page and select “Postpaid” from the drop-down list and check by yourself.

Vodafone 3G Data Plans

So as you can see in the table that it has given all type of information like how to activate and deactivate the pack easily by sending just one text message to the company.

If you are a heavy web user? You are not happy with the above mentioned plans? Then you don’t have to worry about it as I have given out Vodafone Unlimited 3G plans for heavy users, you can surf the web and download files without any limit.

Vodafone Unlimited Data Packs

Note : This is only applicable for Postpaid users and yes the bill will not ever exceed the fixed amount listed in the table. And after the free allowance you still will be able to enjoy unlimited internet but with capped speed i.e 64 KB which is still good. To activate the plan just send the SMS code to 111 and you are done.

Now if you are knowing about the access point and other settings to use internet onto your mobile then I have given here the new and updated manual Vodafone GPRS Settings as of 2013, you have to do the things I have mentioned here. First of all you need to activate the GPRS Settings into your card for that send the follow SMS “ACT VL” to 144 (Prepaid) and 111 (Postpaid) without (”). Below is the Vodafone Live Settings.

Vodafone Mobile Internet Settings

For Mobile Internet Settings just change the above Access Point Name to : www and leave the proxy address, port as blank. Its done. This is applicable for all type of mobiles like Nokia, Android, Samsung, Blackberry, etc.

So my Indian friends, I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have issues then please do comment and we will surely answer you with possible solution as soon as possible.

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