How to Connect & Use ooVoo On Facebook?

We all know about ooVoo. For those who exclaimed with surprise on hearing ‘ooVoo‘, let me tell you that it’s an instant messaging app designed for PC, MAC, Android and iOS. This instant messaging app is most popular for its video chatting feature, and it allows you to have video chat with 12 people at same instance.

Today, I am going to guide you on how you can easily connect or use ooVoo on Facebook account which will save your registration and sign up time and will also save your efforts too.

Connecting ooVoo Account with Facebook have their own benefits which I have described in this article, like you don’t have to search for friends which are already using this service, the system will automatically notify you with this. So lets have a look in this article.


Apart from all of these features, you can use this amazing app in your FB account as well. The linking of ooVoo with Facebook allows you to chat with your friends. You can also start video calling with your FB friends, without requiring them to go through any downloading process.

The feature is quite interesting. Isn’t it? Oh! Don’t be in the misunderstanding that using ooVoo with your Facebook account is any tough task. It’s not so. The process is damn simple, and I am gonna teach you it in this article.

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Steps to Use & Connect ooVoo  to Facebook Account

  • Launch the  application and follow ooVoo Sign In process.
  • You can find the ‘Facebook’ icon next to the Status Field. Just click it and new window will get opened.
  • Here you need to provide your Facebook login credentials. So enter the username(email) and password that you use to login to your account. In fact, you are logging in no where. Login via ooVoo app!
  • Once you provide the log in credentials, click ‘Sign in’ and you will be taken to a new page. This is page for authorizing its’ linking with your FB account.
  • Click ‘Allow’ to successfully link the app to FB.

You can now update the Status in your profile from this app. Simple! Do it! Apart from that, you can also make video calls to your FB friends. Here’ how you can do it.

ooVoo Chating

Steps to use ooVoo Video Links on Facebook

  • Open the app and click on tab reading ‘Video call link’.
  • Bring up your Contact list by clicking the “Facebook” button. If not done before, you will have to authorize the ooVoo app with your FB account.
  • Your friends list will appear there. You can now make video call to any friend you want to.

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That’s it! That is how one can use ooVoo with Facebook. And now you will be able to enjoy free text chatting along with free video calling with your buddies.

And if you have any issues while going through the above tutorial then please do comment and let know we will surely get to you with proper solution as soon as possible. Till that time see you!

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