How to Unblock YouTube Without Proxy?

You know YouTube is my favorite website that I am addicted to high extent. I can be found watching videos on it every, now and then. I know I am not the only addict to that site but their are many like me here.

May be you as well! Yes? Oh! you like it but cannot access because its blocked in your country, office or school? Well, its blocked in my office as well, but nobody can stop me viewing videos.

I am simply addicted to the service. No! I am not using any proxy to unblock YouTube videos or any other site including Facebook. Well, why to use that poor method if we can unblock YouTube for free without using any proxy.

Poor method? Why so? Lets find out that, in the given posts I have mentioned the possible harmful effects of using such anonymous software as well as websites and have given the best solution for it.

Unblock YouTube Without Proxy

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Best Way to Unblock YouTube Without Using Proxy

Why ‘NO’ to Proxy Sites?

Well, Proxy sites are the first and simplest way to access blocked websites, but the poor thing is that you don’t get the same speed as you get in accessing website on your Internet directly.

This is because of the reason that you use are used by thousands like you. Being open to public, the strength of network decreases and ultimately, the speed decreases. So here are some more factors which binds me to not use proxy to unblock YouTube videos for me.

Moreover, being open to public, they are highly vulnerable and use of them could lead problems to you. It’s not like that all such sites should not be used, but you should try to be away from it and the bad thing is that most of sites are not worth using. Why to be in the confusion that which site or software is worth trying and which one is not.

Use Google Public DNS

Google Public DNS is a free global Domain Name System service. It lets you surf the web with fast and ease. This way of surfing web works independent of your ISP. To use Google Public DNS, you need to configure the Network Connections in your PC.

It’s pretty simple to do so. Google has explained the configuration part in details. Head over to this page to learn the process. Once you configure your system accordingly, you will be able to access YouTube easily.

Free Way to Unblock YouTube Proxy:

Virtual Private Network 

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and lets you surf the web anonymously. The best thing in using it is that it allows you to surf the web with same speed which is provided by your ISP.

All you need to do is to download the VPN, and start surfing the web. You would not find ‘Loading Error’ message on opening YouTube, and it will run buttery. There are many VPN services available.

Don’t forget to check the reviews of any particular service before using the same. This is mots of the most trusted method to use or unblock YouTube without any proxy websites. So I would like to go with it and have a try on some of the few free software available on web.

Virtual Private Network

Plugins and Extensions

You can find the plugins and extensions for unblocking YouTube. Though the concept in such plugins is also of using proxy, but it’s better as you just need to find the proxy for once, and then after entering it in your plugin or extension, you can surf all websites including YouTube safely, and with blazing speed.

These were some of the easiest and free methods to unblock or use YouTube without taking help of proxy websites. So folks, I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any issues then please do comment and we will give you best possible solution soon.

Till that time please stay tuned with us! And yes, one thing more I would like to give you here is that if you don’t like this above mentioned methods or you found it bit technical though its not then please go with the tradition way of unblocking YouTube using proxy sites which I had written here previously.

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