Facebook Dislike & Middle Finger Emoticons Codes

Facebook is one of the best social networking website and theirs no doubt in it, here I’m not going to repeat any FB history but I want to make you know that Facebook Dislike Emoticons Code is now available, you can use this FB Dislike emoticon or smileys.

Along with  that I have also introduced the ever demanded and most popular unofficial Facebook Middle Finger Emoticon which you would like to insert into your chat box. As told, this is completely unofficial but works best while chatting.

You even don’t have to install any kinda plugin into your Firefox or Chrome browser. It just works as you use any normal FB smiley. So not taking out your much time lets jump into the article.

First of all before going in deep into the article let me tell you that recently their were many scams about Facebook Dislike Emoticon or Button and they used to ask users to install some script and all, well that was completely unethical thing and we strongly ask you not to get trapped in such thing.

Just read this article where I’ve given you the fully working and legit Facebook Dislike Symbol code which you can perfectly use during chats. Lets have a look then.

Facebook Dislike Button Code

How to Use Facebook Dislike and Middle Finger Smiley?

Not taking your much time let me give he completely free and working code with the help of which you will be able to add or insert Dislike Button same as like smiley you use while chatting, for like button their is a official code i.e (y).

You can add the mentioned code to express your felling of disgust i.e [[iidislyk]] just enter it into the FB chat box and you are done. Thus now you have successfully expressed your feeling by using the unofficial but fully working Facebook Dislike Smiley into the chat.

In the same way you can also enjoy the ever demanded and unofficial FB Middle Finger Icon or Emoticon which you can use it while talking with your friends, with the funny talk you can always use this Facebook Middle Finger button without any hesitation code is [[midfing]]

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How to Insert These New FB Codes?

As these icons are quite new to you, many of us might now be knowing that how to insert it while chatting with our friends and so I thought you to provide this short but informative steps about the same.

  1. Click on the friend’s name into the sidebar list
  2. It will open the box, now in the writing area just paste the above mentioned codes
  3. Now hit enter and you are done by showing new emotions.
  4. Its done! Your partner is now surprised that how you did it?

Using Facebook Dislike Middle Finger Symbols

So friends as promised I gave you the successful method of using Dislike and Middle Finger Button or symbol into your Facebook chat box easily and free.

With time I will also come with some new and funny list of symbols for making your social networking experience more good and memorial.

Also those plugins and extensions which you might have seen on web also works but it will only work for those who have that add-on installed into their Chrome or Firefox browser but the method which I have shown is universal and don’t need to install anything for using it.

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