Unblock YouTube Proxy Sites & Servers List 2013

We all know that YouTube is world’s largest video media website where millions of people see video and gain lots of new information. But there are some countries where using such media is banned like China recently blocked Google.com and its many other services.

Well, even some school and offices also block it. So today, I am going to post on Unblock YouTube Proxy sites and servers of the year 2013 which are latest and updated one.

Before going in deep with this article, let have a look on a short introduction and then I have given some websites which works as YouTube Proxy Unblocker. Lets have a look on the post.

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Internet has made the people lazy. People in offices tend to use social networking rather than doing the work for which the company has hired them, and for which they are getting paid.

The sites like Facebook, YouTube are the biggest distractions, and this is the reason that you can easily observe the ‘BAN’ board on these websites in schools, college, workplaces or even countries.

YouTube Proxy Sites

How YouTube Proxy Websites Works?

These sites connect you to Internet via a different server. It works as intermediate between you and your desired website that you wish to access. The server provided by proxy site is picked up depending on strength, and you are made to surf the website via that server.

Oh! Let’s not enter into a hell of technicality. In simple words, the proxy hides your identity behind the server that it picks, and after this, whenever you visit the blocked website, it is accessed via that virtual server, the server that the proxy website provided you, the server which is not blocked from accessing the YouTube or other blocked website.

Best Unblock YouTube Proxy Sites 2013

Below, I have given you the best list of YouTube  Proxy websites, you just have to visit it and with this online will easily access the videos where its blocked.

Now, you might be interested in accessing it where it is blocked, being it’s your school, college or office. Right? You can do it by using the proxy websites. Now I have given you the best YouTube unblock sites’ list which works best in 2013, let’s see how to use it.

Unblock YouTube Proxy Sites

How to easily use YouTube Proxy Unblocker ?

It’s damn simple. Just head over to any of these proxy website. Enter the URL of YouTube video or any other site that you wish to visit. Press ‘Enter’ and the entered website will open up. Some proxy sites listed above allow you to select the IP address from a no. of IPs available to them.

You can select one that you want. Of course, as you will be surfing YouTube via different server, so you may observe some drop-down in loading speed of website. Come on, compromise with it. Not a big deal!

So folks, I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any problem or issues then please do comment and we will let you know with the best solution available. Till that time please stay tuned with it.

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