Free Proxy Sites 2013 (Top 10 List)

We all know about Proxy sites, its basically a online tool which allows users to access or surf banned websites like Facebook in Pakistan, Google in China. Or say your account is banned on particular forum and you want to get back access their as your IP (Internet Provider) is blocked, what so ever be the case you can bypass all these things with proxy servers.

Keeping the same intention in mind today I am going to write an article on best and list of free proxy sites 2013 which does the same task as described above. Its also very much useful in hiding your real IP address and show the surfed website that you were actually surfing from USA or say Canada or any country defined by the server tool.

Well, I am not going to give a brief description on the same because I have already described it a long ago on my website namely Unblocked Proxy Websites so you can easily refer it my clicking the link and get back to this article again after knowing all the basics.

Proxy Sites 2013

All the Proxy Sites (Top 10) which I am going to describe here are standard one and also available for free service. All those have common feature like hiding your online presence, making you anonymous, etc. So, after getting enough introduction lets dive into the real article.

Top 10 Free Proxy Site 2013

So I am starting with my list of free Proxy Sites 2013 as well as server tools, some of them also provides the premium services along with free service but that’s the matter of concern to you only if you are interested in more good features and functions.


A long and old player in this field, I hope you understood what I mean? Its one of the best and top most website which allows you to surf websites anonymously, also without any restriction. It has some of the great features like enable cookies, choose the location, etc. Along with that its also very user-friendly like others.

HideMyass Web Proxy


As the same itself indicates that this anonymous proxy tool will allow you to hide yourself while surfing any forum or site which has banned you, so that you can again create account their and fulfill your requirement.

It has very much basic interference. Just visit it and enter the particular URL in their own address and you are done! Isn’t it easy? That’s why I liked to rank it in my top 10 list of free proxy sites in 2013, its not yet over, their are many other left to be reviewed out yet!

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This is again the same type of site as the above one mentioned with much more powerful technology allowing you to hide your IP address. It also has very much basic GUI that any one can understand its functions. Its very fast and secure to use! So its clear that all these top most proxy sites of 2013 have common functions and features so now I will just give you the list and you can visit it easily.

  • MegaProxy

How to Use These?

Oh! I just forgot to describe that how to use these tools from your Computer, well they all have the common feature and here also you just have to enter the desired URL into their own Address bar and click on “Enter” that’s it you are done!

So friends, I hope you enjoyed this list of best proxy sites of 2013 and if you have any problem about this then please do comment and we will surely get back to you.

Note : As described in TechMero’s policy we here are not advertising any product directly or indirectly, its just a clean review and a post which will surely help our readers and visitors. Stay Tuned with us!

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