How to Use & Set Up ooVoo?

We people love to share our best things with friends and family but never able to share that with all at one time. So, i try to find some solution for this difficulty on internet and at last found solution then  i thought to share same with my readers.

Lets start with its name i.e. I know many people find difficulties in how to use and set up ooVoo Application on the computer. You can do all things related to video on this site i.e. from chatting to messaging to uploading and even video messaging.

To understand more features of this site you should read whole article where i mention all steps of using it on PC and Mac.

Features of

  • Video chat with maximum 12 peoples at a time
  • recording facility of video and sending it as message
  • uploading calls to youtube
  • IM facility
  • Build Web chat room for free

On Your Desktop?


  1. Visit and select “Get ooVoo” and form that options select for PC option or directly click here.
  2. Click on Download Now option and they will send you setup of ooVoo for your PC so, open that setup and run it on PC
  3. Wait until the download is completed and after click on “Next”
  4. Now, you can open your application and sing in by manual or with the help of facebook ID

How to Use ooVoo on PC or Computer?

Firstly you need computer with headphone or speaker or microphone and thatto connected with internet, without webcam you can see all your friends but they can’t see you . After ooVoo sign in you will find various option to on your page but we will see step by step.

Check availability of audio and video from help menu > Check your audio and video. Follow all instruction given by the wizard. Add your friends with the help of facebook or twitter and you can invite your friends. you can search them based on different criteria.

Now for using ooVoo onto your pc, add  phone numbers with the help of contact menu and import your phone number Microsoft Outlook. At your wish you can sort your contacts, find contact in list, replace display photo, receive contact list, block or remove contacts, and manage blocked users and all these can be possible with options viz. Contacts.

How to Use ooVoo

Now, you can start with Video chatting  by following two ways. First is send a call me link to friends and second is Video chat.You can participate in ooVoo call or invite someone to participate in your call. You can also record that call and share screen and also view all your call history.

If you want to chat instead of call that too is possible.You can select “Action option and from that selec chat and you will be able chat.You can send and receive Files with the help of this account. You can enter your status message and change you status, Change language, password etc.

So, I have done describing you the ways and methods with which you can ooVoo onto your system.

This all information is basic and after using your account regularly you will get more information about it.If you are finding any problem then you can get ooVoo Help and that will transfer you to troubleshooting section directly or write to me i will provide you solution for same.

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