Lenovo IdeaPhone A586 Features & Price in India & China

Lenovo Mobiles has released its new SmartPhone namely Lenovo IdeaPhone A586 having great and fantastic features like voice unlocking, efficient maps, etc.

Also it is featured with the big and giant 4.5 inch smooth touch screen. Its new technology (which is world’s first ever technology) of “Voice Unlocking” is created by Baidu (China’s Biggest Search Engine Company) in the coordination of  Singapore Technology company.

It has all the basic and advanced features like Ice Cream Android 4.0, nice camera, etc. Today, I am going to share the features and price of Lenovo IdeaPhone A586  SmartPhone in India (though its not yet released here) but will be soon launched in Indian Market also (according to our news).

So not taking your much times, lets start talking about the phone.

Lenovo IdeaPhone A586

Features & Specs

The processor of IdeaPhone A586 comes with the QualComn MSM8225/6 (dual core) with the mega clock speed of 1.2 Gigahertz providing the giant 4.5″ capacitive smooth touch screen as described above also.

It has high resolution of apx. 500 x 900 pixels. This smartphone comes with the 5 Mega Pixels HD camera having powerful LED flash below the camera which also supporting full High Definition Video recording and image capturing.

Lenovo IdeaPhone A586 has very less though all right RAM of 512 MB with the internal memory capacity of 4 Gigabytes. Note : You can expand the external memory upto 32 GB which is again nice thing about this smartphone.

Other Specifications :

The above was the just must have features and technology which any Android SmartPhone have, but now I am going to describe the specifications of Lenovo IdeaPhone A586 which makes it different and unique from other mobiles in India.

  • GSM (all bands) GPRS, EDGE ; WCDMA (2100 MHz) featuring with 3.5 G HSUPA as well as HSDPA
  • As a part of connectivity Bluetooth 3.0 and Wi-fi is also given
  • Big 3.5 mm of headphone and USB port with high speed running
  • It supports all type of media files including .rm, .mp4, .mp3, etc
  • And many other great features

Now its time to reveal the biggest Technology innovation which is inbuilt in Lenovo IdeaPhone A586 which is named as “Voice Unlocking” as the name indicates users will be able to unlock the mobile lock with just the speaking or voice verification.

This is the technology which is still new and not has been seen in phone till now. Along with it, the smartphone has the extra compression technology which makes it run faster.


Well, the release date of Lenovo IdeaPhone A586 is not yet known for Indian users but this phone is already released in China Market with the cheap price tag of just $160 (US-dollars) which is very cheap in front of other mega mega companies like Samsung, Nokia,etc.

According to me you must give it a try and yes, Indian users you don’t have to get worried as you can get this phone unofficially y from other countries or just wait a bit according to me, this mobile will get a price tag of just RS. 7000 in Indian market which is still yet in budget.

So folks, I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any doubt or want to share your own views about this then please do comment and let us know your reviews about this new Lenovo Release. I will get to you as soon as possible. till that time please stay tuned.

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