Best iPhone Apps for 2013 [Top 5]

In 2012 we surely had many of the iPhone inventions but the new year will be the greatest geek era for iOS as we will have many great launches and much more surprises.

Today, I would like to share this article on top most best iPhone Apps for 2013 which will be very essential for your daily lifestyle and I have discussed it keeping the sole intention in mind that it will work out great for you people on this  new beginning.

iOS which features many great applications into their itunes store and I am today listing out the top 5 iPhone Applications which will surely hit the list in new year 2013.

Though there are many iPhone Mobile Apps to be listed out, but I have selected very few (only 5 applications) keeping all kind of points in mind and they are the one which is common need of we people.

So I have tried to keep balance between all kind of things which must be included in my blog post. So friends, keep on reading.

Top iPhone Apps 2013

  1. Google Maps (iOS)
  2. Angry Birds (Star Wars)
  3. Bad Piggies
  4. BBC iPlayer
  5. WhatsApp Messenger

So here I am done with the listing of top and best iPhone Applications of 2013 which you people can use onto your mobile, I know some of you are very much interested in the review of these apps or want to have it downloaded into their phones, so not wasting your much time I am reviewing out them one by one.

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Top 5 Cool iPhone Application for New year 2013

As mentioned above also, I will give short introduction for each and every application and also I have given the download link for same from the official source keeping our readers security in mind. So have a look below:

1. Google Maps : I don’t think so that this mobile soft needs any kind of explanation, according to me Google Navigation is the best product I have ever seen due to the in-efficiency of the iPhone Developers.

This app gives the very much accurate information and home-based images for we people which is something very great and appreciable.

Google maps iPhone

2. Angry Birds (£0.69) : Unlike to be listed in apps, Angry Birds is one of the best and will always remain on top game of iPhone as it has great features and functions to play the game with much more interest which is something cool.

I have played out this game and was amazed with its speed and amazing capacity to handle graphics and so I have listed it out here in my top 10 list of cool iPhone Apps for 2013 and one more game is waiting for you below. (to buy this you have to pay the premium charge)

Angry Birds for iOS

3. Bad Piggies : This is also the funny game or you can say as a clone of the above one listed, you have piggies are the main work and you have to hit the enemies.

This game was released by Rovio and its now again the most lovely app available for us. You have have your time better passed if you play this. Also, its very cheap to buy from iTunes Store.

Bad Piggies iPhone Game

4. BBC iPlayer : Again, this application doesn’t need any kind of further details to be explained, if you have missed any show on television, then just use BBC iPlayer and watch it here.

Isn’t it cool idea? Well! I always use this software when I feel like boring and need some entertainment. Also you don’t have to pay anything for downloading it.

5.  WhatsApp Messenger : Last but not the least in my best iPhone Apps 2013 list, WhatsApp is somewhat the best creation of Apple Company as it now saves lots of bucks of mine and it gives me some nice chatting and messaging experience with my girl friend as well as other folks.

It also allows me to share my images and other media files  and all for completely free!

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So friends here I am done describing Best Apple iPhone Applications for 2013 as promised. I am iOS user for the last few year and I just love the creation. Also its applications and iTunes store is also good.

So friends, enough for today! if you think that I have missed something then please do comment and let us know about it, if possible I will add your requested application soon on this post.

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