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The global mobile marketplace has got some incredible smartphones’ inclusion in the past some time, and the story is still the same.

The open source operating system Android has brought a revolution in smartphones’ market, and has enabled everyone to be a proud owner of a smartphone or two.

Chances are pretty high that you also own a smartphone, whether it’s being Android or any other OS based. But today, I am going to write an post for you people on Fring Sign In and Registration process which you can do from your mobile or computer. Keep on Reading.

Well, whether you keep on searching for apps to use in your smartphone or not, there are some apps that every user must have on his/her smartphone. In the short list of such apps, ‘Fring’ shines among the top names.

For those out of you, who are not familiar with what Fring is, let me clear the air that its a popular VoIP app that lets users to have voice talk or even video chat with their buddies while on the go.

One can enjoy free live texting, voice chat, group chat, free calls etc. The calls that one makes over the web are totally free, but  a calls to other phone numbers, which ‘Fring’ addresses as ‘fringOut Calls’ are meant to be done after paying a little amount. A little!

Fring Sign In

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If you are interested in using this amazing service named Fring (which you must be), then do check out the page of  registering account and sign in process. Its quite simple, so no need to worry! Mostly newbies do so. Do you?

How to Register Account at Fring ?

Before starting with, let me tell you that Fring is available for mobile devices only. You cannot use it on your PC. At least, as of now! Here is the process to register your account at Fring, after that I have provided a guide on how to do Sign In.

Fring Sign Up Account

  • First of all, you need to download the Fring in your mobile. The app is available for Android, iOS and Symbian. You can get it from their respective stores. To be on the simple side, just click here.
  • Downloaded the app on your device? Come on, launch the same.
  • The first screen will ask you that whether you are Old user, or want to join the service. Just opt for ‘New User’ option, and you will be taken to account creation page.
  • In this screen, define your user ID, Nickname and password. Of course, the user ID is subjected to availability.
  • If you are iPad user, then you will have to fill the complete form. Just provide the information they want. Be genuine!
  • Your account will get created in no time and you will be able to use all the features of  Fring.

Fring Sign In

You might be having an account already, or you might have just got one by following the above procedure. Now whenever you want to use the app, you need to do Fring Sign In.

  • The process is same and you need to have Fring app on your smartphone.
  • This time, on the screen that comes at the first, choose ‘Existing User’. You will be taken to Fring Sign In page.
  • Enter your credentials and you will be signed into your account in matter of a few second.

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What’s more? Nothing!! Start enjoying the features! Oh! could not do it because of some problems in the practical process? Do let us know about it in the comment section below. We are here to help!

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