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If you like to dive in the sea of words, and keep reading books, then you might know about the general saying that ‘Man is Social Animal’. To how much extent this saying is true. For me, the statement clocks at perfect 100 percent mark.

Anyways, the nature of human beings to stay connected with others has resulted in the invention of many easy communication methods, and out of all, one most popular is Text Messaging. Not taking out your much time lemme give a glimpse for today’s article, I am going to give you a review on one of the best free text website for United Kingdom (UK) namely CBFSMS.com which allows you to send SMS without any kinda registration or login requirements.

Mobile phones have gone very common. People love to send messages to each other. It’s cheap, it’s fast, all in all, it’s the best. Do you agree with me on giving such a proud tag to SMS?

Well, you must be. But frankly speaking, I really feel bad when I see smart people like you paying money for SMS. Now you might be thinking that what’s the point of feeling bad here as one pay for service he/she uses.

Simple! You are right in your saying, but my sadness comes from my way of thinking. I feel sad as if there are many free text services running on the web, then why people are paying bills for texting others.


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Review & Features

As I just said that there are many sites that allow you to send free message to phones, but I also want to include that now all the sites claiming to provide this service, are worth trying.

But I recently came across a popular messaging site (CBFSMS), that allows the users to send messages to their friends on their phone numbers. As the texts are sent over the web, so you don’t get charged for it.

CBFSMS.com is one of the top-notch sites that allow you to send SMS . Though the service is good in its offering, but the bad points is that it is restricted to UK only. Means you can send free messages to a UK mobile number only. Message sending to other countries is paid. Alas!

Features : It has some of the great features and functions which I would like to introduce here, some of the nice list I have given below, have a look.

  • No Registration is required
  • No Login process is unnecessary
  • Instant delivery with no limit
  • Great site for business purposes also
  • Provides you cheap bulk texts

Now, let me head to the process that how you can use CBFSMS.com from your PC to send to free text in UK (United Kingdom) same like Way2SMS, I have detailed the guide below, so have a look!

How to Send Free SMS in UK using CBFsms.com ?

The process is very much simple. Follow the steps given below.

Free SMS Seding in UK

  • Head over the CBFSMS.com
  • You will see a ‘Orange’ colored box fixed at the center of this page. Bingo! This is your writing area.
  • Enter the mobile number to which you want to send free SMS. Don’t forget to add the country code. The UK Country Code will be written there already. So just enter the phone number of UK.
  • In the small rectangular text box, just write your message. It can be maximum of 160 characters. But as you are sending it free, so the site will add a tag line in the end, to promote its service. So the user available limit is 137 characters.
  • Once you are done with typing your message, just click on ‘Send’. The text will be sent to the destination phone number in no time.
  • On the confirmation box, of course it comes before you actually do it, tick the ‘Check-Box’ about receiving the  status. If you tick it, you will be given a link to check the current status of message. It’s good to use this feature as you will get known when the text gets delivered.

That’s it! The message sending from CBFsms.com is even simpler than doing it from your mobile. Bonus! Its free, but not your cruel mobile network carrier. So enjoy CBFSMS and start sending free SMS in UK, without any count limit.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any kind of problem then please do share your own questions with us and we will respond to you very soon!

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