Airtel GPRS Internet Plans 3G & 2G (Latest)

Airtel is India’s largest telecom company in terms of network as well as Internet or GPRS plans. Today, also I am going to update you guys with the new and latest Airtel GPRS plans for 2013 for both 3G and GSM network.

These packs are the updated one and can surely be trusted, as I have gathered this information from the trusted source, i.e from their main website. So not wasting your much time lets get to the topic and let me divide this post in three main topic which is detailed below.

Before starting with the detail let me tell you few things about this latest and updated Airtel GPRS or Internet Plans that few of the data are still not changed and the chances is of few rupees only and this information can be changed at any time as these things are not governed by me, its the company who deals with it.

Airtel Internet Plans 2013

Airtel Mobile GPRS Data Packs for 2013

Note : Users can always get the full details about packs by dialing the following number : *123*8# this the official and never changing number specially assigned no. for Mobile Data Plans (Mobile Office) then also I have detailed out each and every tings below, so friends have a look.

Daily Mobile GPRS Plan :

As the name itself describes, these pack is only active or one day and let me clear you one thing here, 1 day doesn’t mean 24 hours the pack will work, it simply means if you have activated the plan on 1 AM at night then it will be active till 11:59 PM of the same.

Monthly Internet Pack :

These is the section which has got many changes and so its silly to relay to the previous the previous data which you know or you can from some outdated retail man. Not taking your much time, I have given the full table below, so please have a look.

Airtel Monthly Internet Packs

Now the above mentioned Airtel GPRS Plans of 2013 are for heavy users now also their are many other packs to be revealed which you might not be knowing, so I have given out two tables, one if mainly for social networking lovers and other is for the again heavy as well as light users.


How to Deactivate Airtel GPRS Pack ?

Now if you are bored with the packs or want to deactivate it then just follow the easy method mentioned here, with which you don’t have to call the customer care or such big process. Just dial *567# and choose the 6th option (in my case) with option about deactivation, now you can follow the further process by your own.

As the title of my article says, that I will be detailing the post with Airtel 3G plans also and so I am here with the information for you guys, but I want to let you know that these 3G Internet Packs of Airtel varies from time to time and with place to place so that I have given here and official link where you have to visit from your computer and then have to select your circle.

Its done, they will show you a large table containing all type of information of 3rd generation.

We all know that Bharti Airtel is the best telecom company for its 3G service also which is great thing as they are now providing 4G in India which has brought depletion in the existing packs of 3G network which is again good.

But it can seen that they have increased or hiked the 2G GPRS plans which is again not good as majority of the population of India are using GSM Mobiles.

So my Indian folks, I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any problem then please do comment and let us know if you have any type of issues with activating the above mentioned Airtel Data Plans, I will be helping you as soon as possible.

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