Current Version Plugin Windows Presentation Foundation

At the time of opening your Mozilla Firefox, you may have find something NEW! and that is Windows Presentation foundation Plugin due to regular updates by Microsoft.

To bring changes in old ways of working and experience future updates in today’s world, Microsoft comes up with WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation, formerly known as ‘Avalon‘). It is a unified object based presentation which is based on DirectX and therefore able to maximize the potential offered by new graphics boards.

But our core discussion is not about WPF, its mainly about plugin and how to install it and uninstall it in Mozilla Firefox so, lets talk about that.

When WPF plug-in updated by Microsoft, Firefox realized many malfunction with its working  and due to that reason only they have blocked it. But after the security update and many other similar kinda updates , it unblocked and now users are able to get benefits of it.

windows presentation foundation plugin

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How to Activate Windows Presentation Foundation Plugin (Current)?

If you still not get updates about this then just got those latest updates by window and this will be silently included in your box without any prior notification. Or you have to re-install your .NET Framework 3.5 SP1. with this you should change following things i.e.

  • Permit XBAP applications and then add/re-add support for the plugin
  • You can do it by copying files from Windows Vista / 7 to Firefox plugin folder.
  • Please refer to C/ drive in Windows folder under Framework folder.
  • Now you must be able to activate it

To check whether you have this option or not just open your Firefox window and from that select Tools  under that you will see Add-ons option so select it and find Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) from Plugin area, if you have followed above mentioned then you will surely find the thing here and if not then please do re-check if you have done any mistake and correct it, then follow all the steps again. Now below I have provided the guide to disable this plugin from your PC, then read out below article for more information on same!

Advantages of using it :

Their are few kinda features or benefits of this add-on which helps users to enjoy it, so I just tried to explain some of those advantages here, basically its used for getting more powerful GUI and graphics which users loves to use. Check out the list here,

  • More generalized graphics for Computer
  • Advanced system properties
  • Better controls
  • And many more.

Also, you must please note that using this may risk you to security so its not advisable to use such kid of things if you are used to it.

How to Remove Windows Presentation Foundation Plugin?

You may refer to given steps which are simple and easy to understand for removing or to uninstall Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) from Firefox Browser.

  • Open Firefox window
  • Select Tools
  • Find Add-ons option and select it
  • Select Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Plug-in and then you have to disable it.

Uninstall WPF Plugin

So by the above tutorial you will be easily be able to remove the Current Version Plug-in from Firefox or from your Computer/PC also if you need to re-install then you can easily en-able it by following the above paths.

I hope that my article will help you in finding solution to your problem and if not then let me know by comments. I will update my article according and try to solve your problems.

Also, their are many forums and official help available on internet or web, if you think your issue is quite urgent then you must search it while in and one will surely find the solution for WPF Plugin.

On the other hand please post your problems here and I will be able to solve it as soon as possible for you guys! Till that please stay tuned for more articles on the same topics.

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