Hooda Math Red Remover Game

Gaz Thomas is the founder of Hooda Math which provides exciting game for children and tries to increase their capacity to learn math. This site is particularly all about maths and it includes games on all topic of maths.

They divided the category based on topics which children find difficult during their regular work and for those children who want to learn while plying it. Many parents are worried about their children’s addiction towards no educating things on internet, so for them Hooda Math Red Remover Game best solution which will be surely loved and liked by Kids.

When you are going to visit this site you will find four division provided by this site i.e.

  • Math Games, Apps, Movies, Tutorial, etc
Hooda Math Red Remover

All these divisions mainly concentrate on Math and different way through which chide can learn viz., from game to movie on same only. Games contain topic like Physics, Puzzles, Number, Geometry, Building etc.

Apps contain fraction circles, timed tests, worksheets, IPOD, ANDROID etc. Movies contains search for i, panda fraction, Multiple of 8, the pie search etc, tutorial contain 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th Grade classes. One of the popular games of Hooda math is Red Remover contains in physics games. This section contain many other topics like vehicles part 1 and part 2, Werebox, Penguins fun fall etc.

What is Hooda Math Red Remover Game?

Gaz Thomas even invented Hooda Math Red Remover Game and developed by using BOX2DAS3 and music by Incompetech.

This game is all about color combination based on instruction given on screen. It contains 1 to 20 levels with difficultly increasing at each level. If you want to play it then please do follow the steps described below :

  1. Visit Red Remover Game website and you will see the flash player.
  2. Just click on “Start” and it will load up in few moments of time
  3. Hurry! You are ready to play!
  4. Now start playing and once you complete one level you will proceed to another.
Red Remover Play

Some of the basic instruction about this game is detailed like, you have to remove the red boxes or shapes by clicking your mouse pointer over it, but remember you must not remove the green shapes, also you can eliminate the blue one too. If you still need more guide on this then you will be getting it into the menu screen including options like On/OFF Sounds, How to Play, etc

I hope you liked my Article, give me your reviews and extra information if you have, so I can other readers to get more information on this game. Please do post your comments if you have any doubts and we will surely get to you as soon as possible!

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