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When we are thinking of Social Networking sites what comes to in your mind is just Facebook, but since world is changing and new things are coming in front of people. Therefore they want to know more about it.

Badoo is the website which allows you to socialize and to meet new people, social networking site providing facility to join known and unknown people on this website based on cities. It is very easy to do Badoo Login and the process of creating account by doing Badoo Sign Up is also very easy.

It basically provides what FB.Com is not able to i.e. Talk with unkown people which FaceBook denied to provide to their users.

If you don’t want to read review then directly follow Badoo Login Page.

Badoo Sign UP to Create New Account

So, thinking of Sign Up!! Just follow given Steps

Note: According to one survey, Badoo was given last rank for privacy out of 45 other social networking sites. so think twice before giving your personal information on it.


1. To complete first step it is necessary to open Badoo Sign UP Page, so that you get directly transfer to user’s Login process.

2. Enter necessary information they demanded on respective page i.e. on Badoo login page and submit it by clicking on “Sign me up”.To complete this step you have to verify your account by clicking on link mail to you.

3. In this step they will show you some suggestion related to people you may know i.e. based on your city and state. They will also show you one Email box with the help of which you can find your friends by their respective email addresses.

Badoo Sign UP

  • You can also brought your contact from Windows Live, Gmail, Yahoo etc. This feature is very risky as this is not that much trusted site to which you can grant access.
  • You can also skip this process by click on option given to you on that page only.

4. Its done, enjoy!

Login to Access your Account

Badoo Login is another step which you have to do after creating account on, there are many option which you can follow for sign in. I have provided one tutorial for the same, have a look.

Just visit the Login link and you will see something the username as well as password field, you must enter your ID and pass so that you will gain access to your account. Their is another great method which you can do is to connect Badoo with Facebook which will save your precious time.

Badoo Login

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If you are finding problem in using your account and if its difficult for you to understand its working style then you can follow below instruction to make your profile interesting.

1. In “Meet people nearby” they have three option which are as below :

  • ALL: In this option you will get all those people who are in selected rang of your city. You can edit this range by selecting  ”Where”  choice i.e. increase or decrease rang as per your need or like. You can also upload your Photo by selecting Profile picture.
  • NEW: One will find those people who came new by Log in to and wants to make friends again based on Area specified by you.
  • ONLINE: You can view those people who are online at present. you can chat with them if you want to at same time.

2.  On Right hand side Below Free super power feature, you can read your profile with the help of numbers i.e. How many Profile visitors you have, those who wants to meet you, those blocked by you and many more functions are given which will help you in understanding your Status.

3. By selecting “Advance search”  You can find people based on your specific requirement i.e. spoken language, hair/eye color, education etc.

4. You can also set all you Profile Information by selecting setting option who have recently done Badoo Sign UP and Login

5. You can make your profile attractive by clicking on Profile and from that your name. This will open a new page which contains various functions with the help of which you can make your performa looking cool or interesting for others.

6. You can also upload your photos and videos on your Badoo Account which is very easy to do.

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7. They are also offering “Free super power”. This is paid up service with the help of which you can easily and by fastest speed can find people around you.They are also providing Trial based service for this option with the help of which you can judge their paid up service and if you like then apply for paid up service which gives you more facilities and personalization.

So folks, I hope you enjoyed this article on Create Account on Badoo and if you have any problem while doing Badoo Login then please do comment and let us know your views about this website, like if this one is more better than Facebook, if you were able to find that taste which other social networking sites are unable to provide?

Well according to me has all the potential to beat FB is all the cases as I am using this site from very long and it definitly has so many features and functions which is lacked by many of the giants in this field.

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