Windows 8 Power Options & Settings

Windows 8 is new operating system from Microsoft and we all know that its loaded with great features and many of us has now started using it but many of us are still now aware about the classic things which many people from the days of Win 97 is using. And today also those are most needed one. Today also I am going to talk about same thing namely Windows 8 Power Options as well as its settings and its generally used in Laptops or Net Books. Like you might have noticed about getting your screen dim and such things its all because of Power Settings and I am also going to describe about Buttons and other tools which you can use for your benefits.

With the proper use of Windows 8 Power Button users can easily get many benefits from hit, like hot keys, shortcuts and such more things. One can also disable this feature if he/she don’t want to use it. So not having much talk lets move on to the real tutorial which you would love to know. I will show you that how you can customize the plan and also will reveal some hidden secrets.

Windows 8 Power Options

For management settings you have to go in Control Panel and then have to select “Power Options” from various listings, you can select one from the three available namely : Balanced, Saver and High Performance. Though name directly tells about its workings like Balanced will keep the combination about the performance as well Saver will save your battery and will give your system a longer life and the last one if High Performance which will let your Computer run with smooth but will consume more power at the end So all these things depends on you and your functionality, so choose wisely.

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Its not always necessary to use this things but if you are a advanced user of Windows then you must have knowledge about such things and you might be very adjusted with this settings. So you must get aware with above mentioned Windows 8 Power Settings so that in the time of need you can easily apply these shortcuts and customize your system for longer and better performance.

Thus folks, I hope you enjoyed this post about Power Options and please stay tuned as I am going to post more articles on Windows 8 Operating system as this is the only future of our geeks. At last, if you have any doubts or have any problem using this buttons then please do comment and let us know so that we can solve your queries.

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