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We all like to play pranks with friends as well as enemies, what if you want to amaze people around by changing their or your owns voice, well that’s now possible with the peak technology applications for your Smart Phones which works on Android as well as iPhone (iOS) operating system. These are simply called Voice Changer Applications for your Android Mobile that can work wonders for you guys. The process is much simple and easy to follow, its just record, change and make fun! Isn’t that sounding cool to you, then check out below mentioned short description and apps to download free.

Well! there are many applications available for your Android as well as iPhone which can easily change your or others voice in very funny manner, some of them I have listed below listing out their peak features and how they work and all kinda information which you will require.

Voice Changer App APK

Common Features : There are some common functions of these software which I would like to detail here, as all these app works on same technology they also comes with same kinda features like :

  • Easily change the voice ton and speed
  • Available models : Robots, Child, Women, etc
  • Very easy and handy to install into your mobile
  • Loaded with fine technology

Note : As these things are available for free of costs, those are advertisement enabled which you have deal with, but I’m sure its something very less in front of this very good funny voices application. Check out below typed list,

1. Best Voice Changer [APK]

As the name only indicates this application which has the capability to change the voice is rated as world’s no. 1 and has been downloaded by millions of people all over the world so you can wisely guess what type of usability it would be providing to users. <download link>

2. DroidVox [Android Premium App: Costs $ 0.99]

This particular application has the perfect capability to change the sound into funny, musical, scary as well as robotic, etc. In short it works on some of the finest technology namely vocoder which works very deeply with your voice data and converts it into some other’s so that it will not be predicted as if its fake or altered. <Link>

3. Voice Changer Plus for iPhone, iPad, etc [Free]

This one is for iPhone and other iOS systems, this app has same features and functions which I had discussed for the above ones, but the same is available for iOS now, so carry on with downloading from the official website namely iTunes. <Download Here>

How to Use : Well, you don’t need to get any rocket science stuff, its very easy to download and install these Apk, just carry on doing as you do for normally and install and enjoy using it. Isn’t that very easy for enjoyment with these mind blowing applications availed for you people only? Then what you are waiting for? Just go with it, and if you and problem or doubt then please do comment ans share your views with us.

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