Top 4 Windows 8 Themes of 2013

We all are aware that Microsoft has now introduced its best and one of the most awaited operating system namely Windows 8 which was officially and completely launched in the late 2012. Upon its release it has now being downloaded millions time all over the world and many of us have already purchased it original license also. And I think there is very limited number of themes available in default OS, so the need has already arrived to download and check out new and updated Windows 8 Themes for this new year namely 2013 which has not yet arrived but people are already seeking it.

Well! its obviously being the silly idea to download all the Win 8 Themes for the year, 2013 and then checking it out one by one, it will surely cost to your system’s load and hard disk consumption. So that I have given out images and the small description to all the themes that I have listed below, for your betterment I have linked the official download link from the Microsoft website. Lets have a check on the top list given below.

Note : These products is now copyrighted to me, its open source and allowed to shared with any one so that I have posted it here. So, you can’t blame of any thing unusual happen to your PC. Well! That was just a formality.

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1. Autumn Theme :

As the name has already mentioned that this theme for Windows 8 describes beauty and nature, but this one is not like that of old one, but it describes something more than being mentioned. The image has one tower and the Sun is bit low, there is Autumn tree which can also be seen as its the main topic here. <Download>

2. Sunset View :

Next comes the awesome Sunset theme which you can install onto your Win8 operating system very easily and according to me, this is one of the most loved theme in recent survey. Installing this template gives users a self divine view onto your Computer. So you can use it and enjoy the real venture of nature into the desktop. <Download>

3. Windows’s Christmas Theme :

The name has described it all, this one will include the view of the holy X-mas as a theme. But here Santa is replace by a cute puppy, Install this theme as Christmas the not so far now, and enjoy the the effect of holidays in your life. In this image, the puppy has been holding a gift which was brought for him. <Link>

4. Dark Apple :

Still, if you are not able to forget the taste of Mac or the great Apple Logo, then here comes Apple theme for your Windows 8 Desktop. Installing this pack will surely give the great effect of Apple OS with the changed images, wallpapers and even backgrounds. So its good idea to go with this one if you are a true technology lover! <Link>

The above listed one was my top 4 and best available Windows 8 Themes 2013 but I have a long list remaining still and that I’m going to list below but this time I will not describe it, as it will take too long for me as well as for your people also.  So Please stay tuned here and I will update this section time to time whenever I will get something new I will first post it, share it with your friends and take care!

PS: You have to install it as you do the normal process, just click on the downloaded pack and follow the on going process and you are done the. Isn’t it easy? Please leave your comments below!

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