Top 3 Free Antivirus for Windows 8

sing computer system means you have to deal with various types of virus and malicious things which arises the need of Antivirus software to save your system from things like viruses, spywares, torjans, etc which really harms your PC. But now its an aware fact that nothing is available for free and these Anti-virus programs also. In internet market you will find lots of new type of soft. but they are all premium. But on the other side free one is also available which are loaded with great features. Today, I have gathered few best free antivirus for Windows 8 Operating System which is already out in the market and is being used by millions of people.

Though Windows 8 already comes with its own pre-installed anti-virus which has the same power of  premium software but then also people want something new to experience. So I will also describe that already came antivirus onto their Win 8. Some other I have described are completely without any cost and you don’t have to pay a single penny for using it. Lets, have a look below to know more.

1. AVG Antivirus : AVG Free is one of my Favorite program which I am using onto my Win 7 OS from so long. One of the best feature in this is its immense technology which makes it possible for users to enjoy their secure and safe computer life. It scans and assassinates the virus or any kinda harmful things that been found into your PC, and all this things for paying nothing. They do have their premium version and once I checked the same and to my surprise they don’t have much difference in that, so why to waste our precious money. Download AVG Free for Windows 8 from their main website.

AVG Antivirus Free

2. Avast Antivirus : As above ones, this is also available for free but frankly speaking I never used it but many of my friends are using Avast which works best on Microsoft Windows 8 OS. Its features are also good same as that of AVG . It even provides you the extra security on USB virus, mobiles as well as Internet security which in its sense makes it complete security portal, isn’t that good? Yes! because its all available without paying anything to anyone. <download Link>

3. Microsoft Essentials : Above only, I talked about Windows’s own antivirus. As it is self governed by your operating system only. It automatically and scans for any harmful things in background only. You can use the premium features like Quick Scan, Full Scan, etc and also enjoy other functions like automatic update of virus definitions. One of the best thing I found in this free Windows 8 Antivirus is its handiness and low consumption of system memory like any other program this one uses very less ROM or RAM.

So folks, I hope you liked these free Antivirus programs for your Windows 8 OS and by now you must have downloaded and checked out one from the above given list. If you have any doubt or want to share your own views then please do comment and we will reply you very soon.

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