3 Best Rainmeter Clock for Windows 7

Rainmeter as we all know is one of the best software which allows Windows users to customize their computer. With this app one can easily set the innumerable Gadgets into the desktop like Whether, Anime, Clock, etc.

They add extra beauty to your system and today also I am going to share such an article on Rainmeter Clock for your Windows OS which will easily allow to see the time with wide variety of widgets available.

So just download this skin and see the decoration with with the help of this great featured program. So have a look below and lets see that how it works onto your operating system’s desktop.

Previously, I posted one article of Best Rainmeter Themes and Skins which made it available for you to download the available best themes for that particular app. So if you want more then please refer to my that article. And if you only want Clocks then keep on reading but first have a look to below mentioned features.

  • Easy to use and install
  • Very handy and consumes very low system memory
  • Shows time in digital

Rainmeter Digital Clock

There is a great need of  Digital Clocks for Rainmeter app and so I thought that I would get one here for you people. This is very fine gadget which shows you the digital time and very lucid manner. Along it also shows the date as well as day, so it can be said that its the perfect combination of the gadgets for you guys.

Just download it and you will also find the further process on how to install this widget by following the screen instructions. So just follow official homepage to know more about the same.

Rainmeter Circle Clock

Rainmeter Circle Clocks

Now, many people are found of  Circle Clock for Rainmeter and so I am describing it here for you people. This can be seen as the general one as we have in our home, but it is well polished and looks like its in 3D which gives extra pleasure to our eyes.

Using this official home page you can download this clock and lots of other widgets. So just follow that guide on how to install it which I have provided in that hyperlink.

Binary Clock

This can be said as a new generation gadget which helps you to see the timings, as the name indicates in will show time in the binary language.

Oh! no you got me wrong, means the design and decoration would be like that so that you will feel if this is something new. Show the time in image given above and you will get the idea that what I’m talking about. Do download this Rainmeter Binary Clock and install it into your Windows 7 OS.

Thus folks, I hope you enjoyed this article, if I missed any thing? What you think guys? If so then please do let us know, also you have any doubt or have any kinda problem then please do comment and we will get back to you very soon.

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