Download Internet Explorer 10 [IE10] For Windows 7

Its very good news for you all guys that Internet Explorer 10 is now available for Microsoft’s Windows 7 Operating System. IE10 has already been pre-installed in Win 8 but people from all over the world has been waiting to taste the same in their current OS and now their wishes has truly came alive as we can see that its been recently released worldwide. As always this new version has come with lots of  features and optimization which I have detailed in this below mentioned post. So lets see more that how you can easily download Internet Explorer 10 for your Windows 7 OS and we will also be checking out that how browsing from this browser will increase your speed and much more things as this software will obviously give sniff competition to other ongoing browsers like Google Chrome as well as Mozilla Firefox. So not speaking more let we concentrate on our main topic.

Though we can’t state clearly that this is the full version and the official one available as its still a preview version which means that users can touch, feel, sense and browse from IE10 at their own risk of security and such other things. In short in can be said that its still in beta or lite for Windows 7 users. Well! those are small formalities and lets get in deep into the article.

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Internet Explorer 10 [IE10]

What’s New (Features) in Internet Explorer 10 [IE10]?

It still comes with lost of more and more features which I can’t describe completely in this whole post also, so I have just given the short glimpse which will make you understand about this whole soft. It has some extra technology and extra lightening browsing capacity that it has complete capacity to run into the category of World’s Fastest Browsers, yes! you guessed it right I am talking about Google’s Chrome.

  • Extremely Fast browsing and downloading speed
  • High rate of compression technology has been included
  • Previously found bugs has now being rectified
  • Its loading time is dramatically decreased which was a great fall in IE9
  • More functions and options has been added

Well! there are many things which is very new to us and some of those has already been described in above features list, so now we will concentrate on how you can easily download and install Internet Explorer 10 onto your Windows 7 OS or system. Its quite easy though and you don’t need any kinda technical knowledge for doing so. So just follow the below mentioned download link and enjoy.

As stated previously also that this software has been pre-installed in Windows 8 but users still don’t this new OS and so those who don’t have it want to use an enjoy the features and functions of IE10 and Microsoft came with that which is really very good to know as they care for their fellow  beings.

So friends, I hope you enjoyed this post and If you have doubt and want to share you views about this new Internet Browser then please do comment and let us know!

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  1. Suman Sahu says:

    Can Windows Vista users able to use IE 10 ? If yes then which SP version do they require ?

    • Yes, you can also download IE10 for your Windows Vista, whats so ever the SP will work :)

      • Suman Sahu says:

        @Krishna: For your info IE9 will only work on Vista SP2 so I don’t think IE10 can run on Vista.

  2. Thanks for the share, downloading it, :)

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