Adsense 300×600 (Big & Half Page) Ad Unit To Increase Earnings

We all know that Google Adsense is one of the widest and the only major used monetization program for worldwide bloggers as their only medium for their bread. Its a well known fact that this program has made it available for people from all over the world to earn a wide range of amount from their online business, blogs as well as websites. Now its a very good news again as Adsense 300×600 Ad Unit is live into your account, its also known as Premium or Half Page which has the maximum capacity to increase your earnings from Blog or website. Though we already had some kinda information about this and now Google made it clear by its release. So lets see below whole article to know how you can setup 300*600 Ad unit. ADsense-300-X-600-Ad-UnitSome of the Features Are Listed Below :

  • More earnings and Higher CTR rate
  • Full Optimization of your Google Adsense Monetization
  • As well complete guarantee of Ads fill up
  • And much more things with self experimentation

So now the question arises that how to create this much BIG ad unit into the Adsense Account, so that I have detailed the below mentioned steps which you can see to know more.

How to Create 300*600 (BIG) Ad Unit in Adsense?

Though its very simple to create it as you follow the steps to make the normal ad setup, just do the same and you will see the new category into your account. But still I feel that some of you need the detailed guide for the same, so lets see the below tutorial.

  1. First of all, log in to Google Adsense Account
  2. Then click on “My Ads” > ” Create New”
  3. From that select Large Skyscraper a.k.a 300×600 Ad Unit
  4. Select the type (Only Text, Images, etc)
  5. You are done now!

Wasn’t that simple and easy to follow, yes it was! So friends, use this new boon from the great program into your website and see the result, I hope it will be positive only for you guys. Still I have given my short view about the same below which is completely my own personal view and not from official source, so if you are interested then you can surely read it out.

What’s the Impact of Premium AD Unit on Earnings?

Well, according to make, introducing large skyscraper doesn’t make any sense as its will unnecessarily increase The CTR (Click Through Rate) which may incline in decreasing the CPC (Cost Per Click) ratio and that’s again not a big help to normal or small bloggers or website owners. So in some cases I may be wrong but it will be always the problem.  As you have seen that big ad unit size will show more ads in that area so it will drastically decrease the BID level and that’s again a extra loss to income. Well, I think Google Adsense has take a very nice step though by making such new things for we fellow bloggers, So if you have any doubt then please do comment and wait for my reply. Also, please do share your views about this new things that has been introduced in this monetization program.

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