How to Play Bad Piggies Game (Levels & Cheats) ?

Its all over popular news that Rovio’s Bad Piggies has already touched the market and its the perfect successor of the previous game namely Angry Birds which has been loved by millions of people all over the world.

Now the same company has released the latest game in the name of Pigs which has remained the rival in its previous version. Now the problem is, many of us don’t know to play Bad Piggies in-spite of its been very similar to the played one. Keeping the same intention in mind today I’m going to provide article on the same topic.

Below, I have provided the very detailed guide on how you can easily play Bad Piggies on your mobile as well as online. It comes with the same levels and stage for now as its not the very much big game for now at-least.

Thus, you just have to follow the below mentioned points which will help you to get deep into the concept of Piggies version of Rovio.

As I stated that you don’t need any high quality guide to plat this game, its very basic and can be understood by any child also. Though to make you perfect about it I have provided the guide covering each and every point about the same. Have a look below :

Play Bad Piggies

How to Play first :

1. So as that of Angry Birds you will be given here Pigs which can easily float in air when pulled by strings, its the one hero only of the game which is in green color. They have given a type of vehicle to transport for the initial time (this is something new) on which the topic is completely based.

2. Now, you are in vehicle and have to run it and you will be provided various kinds of tools to travel on, sometimes you will get in to valley and all kinds of levels you will face that time.

Goals : There are new requirements to be full filled on every time you play Bad Piggies, so that each time you have to cross three main goals to go the next stage.

Tips : Sometimes, you will find the Pig fly, in such cases you have to build up planes and such things, you will ind it when you will play the same to some more levels.

Levels And Stage : There are as usual more that 20+ Levels and small-small stages which you have to complete in order to complete and game and go-ahead with success. There is no secrete level as for now we don’t have much information about it.

Cheats : As Bad Piggies is very much new, I hardly believe that the official website will not give any kind of cheats or cheat codes to their users, but I’m sure that you will be very soon updated with the same when we will get any kind of information, so stay tuned till that time.

Thus folks, I hope you enjoyed this article and by now you must have got information on how you can easily play Bad Piggies onto your system without any problem.

This is very nice and interesting game for me at-least and I know you must have played it once till now. So, if you have any problem or doubt then please do comment and I will get to you very soon, till that time Good Bye, I will come with my new article on this same topic, so keep visiting.

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