IRCTC Login & Sign Up Page is India’s official and governmental website where people can easily book their tickets and that too online without paying any extra charge, or affording minimal amount which accounts the service. Today I am going to provide an article on IRCTC which will easily help you get your railway ticket done booked without letting yourself in the trouble of standing in long queue. Well! that was old methods, this is modern era where use of Internet is very wide spread.

Directly follow IRCTC Login if you already have account there.

This is the website where you will find all in one information technology like you can easily check your PNR status online without going to railway station and can even check the Ticket status. One can also do online and tatkal booking with the help IRCTC and that is the real specialty of this official tool provided by government. Below I have mentioned the main features of this site so that it will be very much easy for you to get it reviewed by me.

IRCTC login

Tatkal Reservation : If you are in hurry to get urgent your travel fixed and you don’t have time to go to railway station, then just open this site from your computer and get yourself one account on, use its functions to do online booking, make payment from debit card or Internet banking (don’t worry, its completely safe!) and you are done.

Now, I will provide you complete guide on how one can open account on Indian railway site without facing any problem. Just follow below mentioned steps and is completely done for you.

  1. First Visit IRCTC Registration Page from your system, this process is free
  2. You will need correct mobile number as well as Email Address in order to verify the account
  3. After that, fill up all the required data covering from your name to security questions, etc
  4. After filling up, you have to click on “Accept” to proceed further
  5. You will receive verification onto your mobile, just verify your account
  6. Then one option will come to create password, have it done!
  7. Hurry! your account on IRCTC is now ready to use.

So, you now have successful and legal account on railway booking site. Now, it may happen that you want to get ticket to go to Mumbai and you don’t have time to go on station and follow the procedure. Instead, from now a days, you can follow this steps only. Its time to give you information about the login screen process, you just have to visit this link and log on into the account.

After opening the login page you will find out one box, enter your username and password and hit on “Enter” after that you have to make payment to site from Net banking or Debit card also.  Its surely safe and pure method, no need to worry about it. Thus folks, I hope you enjoyed this article, and if you have any problem then please do comment and let us know the doubt, I will get to it as soon as possible. Till that time enjoy reading other articles on this blog!

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