Download Google Chrome Offline Standalone Installer

When it comes to access the Internet, then Google Chrome is the first choice of every web user. With lots of interesting features, this awesome web browser from the search giant Google has availed the no. 1 spot in the browsers’ list. Well, it’s pretty obvious as the users want the quality and a wide range of features and both these are provided by Google Chrome. From Flash video inbuilt support to inbuilt PDF reader, They have worked hard to provide every feature that you require while using the Internet; in this single browser. Due to its wide range of features, we can also call it as ‘All in One’ browser.

While there is not any web browser better than Google Chrome in terms of features, one thing that put some users into sadness is the process that you need to follow to install it. It even offers you a tiny setup file, which we call as  installer. It’s not the browser installation file itself but works like a download manager for Chrome. This is a damn sucking problem for many users (me also) as we need to run that  installer, which then get all the necessary files from the server. So we need to go through the download process every time when we want to install Chrome.

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But you don’t have to worry now as you can download the offline standalone installer of Google Chrome. Let’s see what are the benefits of doing so.

Benefits of Standalone Installer

  • Just download it once and install anytime, without the need of Internet.
  • Good for the users, not having Internet connection on their computer as they can get the copy from their friends or any other source.
  • Now it will just follow the installation process!

Download Google Chrome Standalone Installer

It installs like any regular software, so there is not any complex point in installing it. Just follow the onscreen instructions and you will get done with the installation process. So now you are rocking with the world’s best browser which is fastest and most probably works best with your operating system. I am using this one from the day I am known to Internet World and it has improved a lot in its competition. So my vote will always go to Google Chrome Web Browser for providing me as well as others best surfing and downloads. So folks, If you think I have missed up something to share with you, or want to describe your views then please do comment.

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