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Your computer is not safe from malwares, spywares and other possible threats. There are many sites and viruses, which are always popping up without warning and trying to get into your hardware and software and ruining them. You are always in danger but one cannot simply stop work and be afraid of these proxies and bypasses, which can get into the firewall and restrictions. One has to protect their personal information and data from others. Ultrasurf is an application which helps you keep your personal information safe.

It is a lightweight freeware program that works as a secure filter when you’re browsing through the web, preventing the browser from saving information such as the history of visited sites. It is like going Incognito and saving all your history for yourself and not for others to see. It ensures privacy by circumventing firewalls using proxies and employs encryption protocols. It has many other uses such as protecting a person’s security on public WIFI, hiding his IP address and encrypted communication.

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It is very easy to start using and it ensures your full security. One has to simply go to the website and access the tutorial that is given there for easy use. If you want to download UltraSurf then it doesn’t require installation and can be run from a USB memory stick or a CD rom which makes it perfect to carry around in your pen drive and use it whenever you need to use it, even on public computers. It can be used on both Internet Explorer and Firefox.

When downloading Ultrasafe starts, proxy servers are automatically found from a range of servers globally that build a connection through an encrypted tunnel. It runs beautifully onInternet Explorer, which is being the preferred browser. It is easy to use and it deletes all traces of your work and so you and your information both stay safe away from prying eyes.

The only drawback to Download UltraSurf is that it is not easy to see if the application is working properly, and as the default browser is Internet Explorer; it’s hard to know if UltraSurf is doing its job when the user switches to an alternative browser. With its good and bad, Ultrasafe is a brilliant way to keep one’s privacy online. The user can now browse the web in a completely safe way without leaving any traces behind him. So friends, I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have problem or want to share your own views about this then please do comment.

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