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If you are one out of the huge list of people who want to protect their privacy online, want to access Internet by hiding the IP address, want to surf the web pages anonymously, want to access websites blocked by your college or are blocked in your region; then VPN is the only solution for you. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It creates a private network to connect you to your favorite sites, thus hides your privacy and IP address.

Blocking certain websites in the colleges, schools, offices is a common problem. This is the best use of VPN that you can access the blocked websites through it. There are thousands of VPN software offering you a bunch of features. But most out of them are just scrap which are just made to waste your time. There I decided to write about the 10 best VPN services for you

HideMyAss : With a huge list of features, this one is undoubtedly the best VPN software. It works fast and automatically. Your privacy is secured by changing your server to the servers located at USA, UK, CA, SE, NL . Your IP address is kept safe while you access Internet and whole data is transferred via remote server.


PureVPN : Along with encrypting the Internet while suffering websites, it also works for IM clients , email etc. They have more than 50 servers located in 17+ countries and thus provides good speed while enjoying the anonymous use of Internet. PureVPN makes the task of accessing blocked websites, a home of fun.

OpenVPN : If you are looking for a high level of privacy protection, then this one is for you. OpenVPN comes with all the features that you wish to have in VPN. Well, as the name suggests, OpenVPN is an open source virtual private network client and comes under the GNU General Public License. It’s free to use and is available both for Windows and Mac. OpenVPN provides a simple solution to the problem of blocked websites and lets you to surf them with ease and speed.

Express Service : It lets you to enjoy the freedom by surfing the web, the way you want and the website you want. It lets you to hide your IP and use any IP from the list of 21 countries. From surfing the web to chatting online, all are done anonymously. The best part of this VPN client is that it’s available both for the computer and smartphone. So you can enjoy its services on the go. Moreover, the 30 day money back guarantee makes it risk free to use.

SecurityKiss : If you are not in the mood of paying anything to use VPN service, then this one is for you. SecurityKiss is totally free and offers you 9 GB of monthly data usage. The maximum speed supported by SecurityKiss is 100 MB/sec which is just awesome. It’s good service for average Internet user. Also, while using the SecurityKiss, you need not to compromise with annoying ads.

Switch : Almost all VPN software provide you a huge list of IP addresses. But the problem is that most of them are blocked IPs. It might have happened with you already. Well, Switch does not come in the list of such so called VPN services. The IP list provided by Switch is white-listed. Their live support care helps you in setting Switch client on your PC or Mac.

CyberGhost : It is well-renowned product that enables you to enjoy anonymous web surfing. As a free user, you get 1GB of data transfer per month and fair speed which is good enough for a basic Internet user.

GoTrusted : It does not matter that you are a basic Internet user or Internet addict, GoTrusted is there to help you. It offers the best VPN services and works there as well, where other VPN tools don’t. No need to deal with annoying ads, even as free user. The paid and free users only differ in the service limit only.

TunnelBear : If you are new to Internet and don’t want to enter into complex world while accessing web anonymously, then TunnelBear is for you. The simple and intuitive user interface guides you throughout the process of accessing your favorite websites anonymously and to access the blocked websites.

proXPN VPN : It offers you a fast, reliable, and free VPN encryption. It keeps your Internet surfing completely private and no one else can have access to it. It hides your IP address and allows you to choose IP from USA, UK, Singapore or Netherlands. So you can access the blocked websites.

The web should be accessed in the way you want. There should be complete freedom to access any website. But due to the block of websites, now it does not give you the feel of freedom. This is turning the Internet away from its actual definition. It’s time to access the Internet without any access limit. These top 10+ VPN services and software can help you for sure. So what are you waiting for? Give them a try now and share your experience with us in the comment box below.

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