Jumblo for Free Calling (Review : Rates, Download)

The way of communication is changing from time to time. With the great revolution in the Internet, it’s now  one of the best way to communicate with your friends.

The growth of Internet is too fast that if the same progress rate will keep going on, then one day, Internet will replace the mobile phones for sure. Today, I am again here with new topic and service namely Jumblo which provides completely free calling service to their users without any charge.

Shocked about it? Well, you might be. But yes, it’s gonna happen one day. Software are continuously hitting the the tech zone which enables you to make calls from PC to phone number and that also at cheap rates. The list is too long which makes it tough to select the best one. Jumblo is the name which shines in this list.

Jumblo catches one’s attraction from the crowd, because of its rich features and low call rates. It allows you to make calls from PC to mobile phone and the call is conducted via Internet.

The best thing is that most of the calls made from  are cheaper than that of other companies’ rate. Free calling service of 80 destinations for 90 days can be claimed by paying only small credit.


It comes with plenty of features. The PC to Phone call is just one part of  its long list of features. Let’s have a look at other features.

Phone-to-Phone : With Jumblo, you can make phone to phone call. For this, you need to login into your online account and then will have to tell the details about your mobile number and then destination number. The moment you hit the ‘Enter’ moment, the next moment, the call gets connected.

PC-to-Phone : Jumblo.com can be used to make calls from your PC to any landline or mobile number.

PC-to-PC : This calls can be made using Jumblo. It’s completely free to make calls from PC to PC, anywhere in the world.

Local-Access-Numbers: With the access number, regular phone calls can be made at cheaper rate.

SMS : You can send cheap priced SMS to anywhere in the world.

The call rates are cheap and are clearly mentioned on their official website. You can check out the prices in any currency by selecting your favorite one from the drop down list. The call rates can be checked from the link given below.

The SMS rates are also mentioned on the official website. Check them from the link given below.

Impressed from the awesome software? Well, you must be. It’s completely free to download and is available for Windows MAC and mobile.

You can download the Jumblo by visiting their download page and then selecting the software according your OS. You can download it by visiting the link given below.

So what are you waiting for? A new way of making calls and that also at cheap rates is waiting for you. Try Jumblo now and spread the world about your experience by dropping comments in the comment section below.

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