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Sometimes it happens that you want to access the website and it doesn’t get open because of some proxy related issues, or say that site is blocked by government of your internet service provider. Then you don’t have to worry about a bit as today I am going to provide here top and free unlocked proxy sites which will help you access any media directly from your computer and browser. Not only that but if you want to stay protected onto the web and you love your privacy then such proxy servers works wonder in such cases.

The basic idea behind using such tools is to be anonymous onto the internet so that no one can trace you and your activities. Consider a simple case that you are accessing the web from India but after using these proxy websites your location will be changed to USA or any other country thus you are completely hided and feel safe. Today, I have provided the top list of such online tools which will definitely help you with such case.

How Proxy Sites Works ?

Here I will give you some basic idea before going into the topic. Basically its a online tool where you need to put the URL of site and they pass your request from their servers which manipulates the main site, in this way you are remained protected on web.

Top 5 Unblocked Proxy Websites of 2012

After getting intro its time to get deep into the topic. I am providing the top 5 list of proxy servers with the help of which any one can bypass restriction  such sites like Gmail, Youtube or any thing. Keep on reading to know more.

1. Anonymouse

Just open the link and you will see the address bar, in that just enter the URL and hit “Enter” now you have access to that blocked site or you are now completely protected from their IP catchers. It users powerful technology to compress the data and penetrate the servers so that to give you maximum protection online. This is in my favorite list.

How does proxy servers works

2. Safesurf

As then name indicates it will keep you safe on web by hiding your internet provider address. This is the server which will works great in access those forums which has blocked your account. I just recommend you this site from that purpose. I was using one account and was blocked from that website, so I just used this tool and was amazed with its function.

3. Unblocked Proxy

Again this is the last but not least site into my list. If you are not very much satisfied with the above two tools then you can surely use this one as its very much flexible and easy to use and understand. Apart from both site this is the great one as they have fantastic and fast loading servers which give you mind blowing experience.

Features :

This all the listing deals with common and most needed feature which I am going to share here. They gives you protection, provides you anonymity and much more without charging anything from users. They have high and powerful hosting which loads your data and request. I always use these unblocked proxy websites to access Facebook from school and office which is very good for me.

So folks, I hope you enjoyed this article and by now I am sure that you must have started using this proxy servers. So, I am now not take your much time, enjoy safe and happy browsing. Please drop comments if you have questions, I will be very much glad to respond you with your doubts solved.

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