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The Internet has gone far away then the expectations. You can use Internet to send and receive files, for communication, to download your favorite stuff and lots more.

Talking about communication, Email is considered as the best way to communicate over Internet. But it seems that this proud tag with Email is not gonna lying more. Many people have started using it to send free SMS to the mobile phones while many are in search of getting free mobile recharge If you are also one out of them, then you must be familiar with the popular SMS site Way2SMS.

Well, if NO is the answer coming from you, then you must be living under the rock. Whatsoever, today I got a chance to review this awesome site and doing the same with this article.

Way2SMS is a popular site that allows you to send free SMS to anywhere in India. You can send free ringtones, SMS to groups and lots more with it. The SMS are sent via the Internet so you are not charged for this service.

Way2SMS is not the only one in list. There are plenty of sites, offering you the same service, then why NO to other services?

The answer is quite simple- Due to Features. Another good thing is that, you can use it to get free mobile recharge. Here’s how you can do it.

  • This is simple. Just click on the Free Recharge option that you can find on the top of page, after signing into your account.
  • There you can find two ways to earn free recharge. The one is by Social Ads, in which you need to share link on your social networking profiles. Your friends will click on it and thus you will earn money. You need to reach at least Rs.10 to do recharge.
  • You can pick the second way which requires to share link by sending emails. The rest process is same.
  • So you will get money by promoting their links and this money will be used as free recharge on your mobile.

Any website/service or product is selected from the crowd, based on its features. Same is the case with this one. The features offered by Way2SMS are far better than any other SMS site. The best thing that I like about this service is the speed.

The SMS is sent with quick without any frustration of waiting. Moreover, while other services require you to go for monthly subscriptions, this is not the case with Way2SMS. The service claims to be free and it is actually so.

Moreover, you can send message in groups, can have SMS chat, can download free ringtones etc. The mobile locator and Do Not Disturb are some other services to be listed here.

It is an awesome site to send free SMS anywhere in India. The Recharge feature adds up more stars in its reputation. So what are you waiting for? Give it a try now and share your views in the comment box below.

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    i like your service we proud of you this is help full for poor peoples

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