Best Emulator To Enjoy Android (apk) on PC

The creativity knows no bounds and man has been proving it for a long. This is the creativity which brings awesome games/apps to be played on your gadgets.

But nothing can beat the heat of PC. Almost all apps’ types (different gadgets)  can be accessed on PC.

Separate emulators are designed for PC to enjoy the games of other platforms. There are emulators to enjoy playstation, Xbox, Android apps on your PC. Well, you might be shocking on seeing the ‘Android’ here. But yes, it’s possible.

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You can enjoy Android games on your PC easily. Many emulators have been designed so far for this purpose but no one can have surpass the popularity and features of Blue Stacks.

Android Emulator for PC

Blue Stacks is the no.1 emulator to play Android (apk) files on computer. The simplicity is what I like the most about this emulator. There are many more features which make it to stand out of the crowd. Let’s have a look at them.

BlueStacks : Play Android Apps on your Computer

There is not any benefit of playing the games eating up your important time. The slow running apps don’t add up any fun but throw you into frustration. It has worked hard on this part and thus provide awesome speed of apk files’ play.

Cloud Connect

The cloud services are at its best. Blue Stacks offer you the feature of connecting it to cloud service. This makes it possible for you to enjoy the apk files installed on your Android to play on your PC.

You can link the cloud service with your Android. It will then grab all the games and apps from your Android gadget and will display them right in front of you, onto the computer. You can then, run them via single click.

Intuitive User Interface

Blue Stacks’ simple and intuitive user interface makes it good both for newbies and advanced users. Android files can be installed and played easily.


If you don’t wish to download any app, then also Blue Stacks has got something interesting for you. It comes with the pre-loaded apk files that you can enjoy with single click.

Search Facility

While most of the emulators require you to download the Android files from external apps or browser, this one allows you to search for interesting  apps  and then to download them within this app itself.

Using BlueStacks

Using it is very simple. You can install up to 26 games & apps and can switch between them easily. New things can be download within the app and can be installed with single click. Moreover, you can adjust the gaming controls according to your ease.

Blue Stacks is the no.1 emulator to download & play Android (.apk) files on PC, without any single doubt. You can download it from the link given below.

So what are you waiting for? Start enjoying Android games and apps on your computer. Give this best emulator, the Blue Stacks, a try now. And if you have any problem then please do comment.

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