Download UC Browser 8.6 for Mobile

I’m feeling very good to announce that now UC Browser 8.6 is officially launched in China with the same language and has been declared in public recently.

This version comes with many good features and previous all bugs has now been fixed. We all know that Ucweb is one of the fastest and most downloaded app and has already overtook Opera Mini proving their intense capacity and now its ruling the mobile web.

Today, I have reviewed this application and you can free download UC Browser 8.6 which is available for Symbian*, Android, Java also.

Note : Currently some issues have been found in APK and java version, so I found it good not to post it here.

You might be thinking that what’s the use of downloading this updated versions just to see minor increment of functions, yes you are right!

But this time the condition in completely different as they have just changed the outlook of whole soft. which will present their different design and general user interference. Some of the latest features are : Background wallpaper, themes, etc.

UC Browser 8.6


Some of the outstanding specifications are as described, they don’t have quantity changes but you will surely find some of the important functions which are worth reviewing.

  • Increased Browsing Speed
  • More powerful download manager
  • Improved GUI
  • Super-fast servers
  • Change User agent (Only for Android)

After getting starting ideas about this application its time to move on downloading and installing this app onto your mobile. Just follow below mentioned steps.

  1. Download UC Browser 8.6 (Symbian) (s60v5) (Android and Java Coming soon)
  2. You can directly install it into your mobile phone
  3. While opening it for the first time, allow internet connectivity with working APN
  4. After few seconds its ready to work
  5. Enjoy fast browsing!

This app is meant to provide you more speed and to give the next generation effect of using Internet. The company is constantly improving their servers and user agent to give you better performance always.

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Other Specifications

If you still need a broad and expanded features of this application then please read out below listed all points and you will find the real purpose of this update. It has many things to be described for you people.

Improved Speed : As I stated above also, they are constantly using better servers so that to deliver best user experience in the sense of browsing the web.

Themes : They have now enabled the themes with background wallpaper which gives you better sense while using it on your mobile phone.

Socialize : Company is putting their efforts for providing nice social networking effect to users as rate of Facebook and other sites are increasing.

Shortcuts : One can now access their bookmarks and shortcuts with just one-click only.

Thus friends, I hope you enjoyed this review and by now you must have already downloaded the application and have started using it. Believe me its the best software I have ever used in my life. Please drop comment and share your views with us.

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