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Tango is one of the popular and most used mobile application for free video calling all over the world. Its the best app available for Android and iPhone and the same is now available for Computer also so that users can enjoy the features of free VoIP at an great pace.

In simple words, its the service which provides entertainment to people and also connects friends and family with each other. This is the app which is loaded with many functions and one can now download Tango for PC and that too free. Its also announced as the tool which saves your mobile bills and money.

Introduction :

So it might be the common question by many of the people, that whats the use of this application or tool. Then let me first introduce this service in front of you.

It is basically an mobile software which works upon internet connectivity and provides free voice as well as video calling feature and that too without charging a single penny from their users.

They don’t even have much or very less advertisements as the sponsors which is again good for us as ads is what which irritates more. Its available for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and now Tango is available for computer also.

Tango for PC

Features :

  • Works over 3G, Wi-Fi and other internet connections
  • Absolutely free video calling to all users
  • Handy and easy to use app
  • Phone book access

How to Use Tango PC for Free Calling?

I think I have taken you much time and so its time to get to main topic that how you can enjoy free video and voice calling over mobile phones. Just follow below mentioned steps :

  1. First of all Register Account on Tango from their website
  2. Then Download Tango for PC from the given link
  3. Install it onto your computer and login into your account
  4. Create contacts with other users of this service
  5. You can even invite your friends and folks.
Tango Application for Windows

With this soft users can easily enjoy Mobile-to-PC or vice-a-versa calling feature which is just fantastic and has been followed by Skype. They have superior quality and best servers unlike other new and upcoming VoIP providers.

More Specifications :

There are loads of specialty of  this software and I am going to explain the same below, I know you want to get more information about this service and if you too are very curious then please read below mentioned points.

Best Quality Voice : Sharing my personal experience, when I first used Tango PC App I was just amazed by its voice quality because it was as good as provided by telecom company. I have generally seen that many VoIP tools have some kinda problem with their data transmitting which  creates lots of problem for users to understand each other as the voice probably mixes up. But the main advantage here is such problems are not faced here.

Fine Video Calling : Again they have ultra technology which compresses the transferred packet data and delivers to the clients which gives very nice photo effects without any fluctuation.

Contact Book : Company understands your needs and requirements so that they have given the option to store unlimited amount of contacts into the app only. So that you can access those from any corner of the world.

System Requirements :

Though you don’t need any extra system to run Tango on your computer but still for the knowledge of our readers we are providing little bit details about the same. Just have a look.

  • Web Camera with Microphone
  • Good Internet Connectivity (minimum : 500 kbps)
  • Operating System : Windows OS
  • And the common system setup

Thus folks, I hope you will now use Tango application to make further calls over internet. According to me, this has great functions then Skype and their technology is also very immense which is very much appreciable.

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