Outlook Login & Sign Up – How to Do?

Outlook.com is yet another mind blowing email service directly provided by Microsoft or you can say it has been replaced on Hotmail which was second largest mail providing service in the world after Google’s Gmail.

But the great MSN has decided to change their 20 years old site in this brand new and featuring web mail. No! this site is not just a replaced version but it has got all features and functions which is completely different from previous one.

Today, I’ll be describing on how you can easily do Outlook Sign in and follow the Sign Up process to enjoy this cool interference.

If you already have account their then please follow Outlook.com Login process directly.

Outlook Login

As this is not the modified version of Hotmail, I have to describe each and every minute detail about this  tool which has recently got indulged in online market. Here, I am now going to share my complete review which will be covering every possible information on this website.

My First Look!

When I first registered & did login on Outlook.com I got a tempting surprise as I saw the complete new and furnished general user interference which gave me acknowledgement that this is a kind of service we should actually have in 21st century. In short! its far more better then Gmail as well as Yahoo.

The very first thing which impressed me is its lightening fast loading speed which is surely lacked by others. Users just need to type the address and it will load up with in fraction of seconds. Impressed by it I immediately decided to transfer my contacts from existing account to here.

Highlights :

This article will go much lengthy and so I’ll be first listing out some of the important highlights from which you will get whole idea about the post. Some of the features and specifications of Outlook.com email is described below :

  • Quick processing time
  • Social media ready
  • Easily import contacts from Facebook and such sites
  • Supports CSS and HTML in email
  • Instant recover deleted mails
  • Unlimited Storage
  • And much more things.

How to Create Account on Outlook.com ?

Its time to get thrilling effect of this based service initiated by Microsoft. I know you people have keenly being waiting to know how you can create account on new Outlook. So, just follow below mentioned steps :

1. First visit Outlook Sign Up page from your computer

2. Then submit demanded information as mentioned

    • Name : Type your First and Last Name
    • D.O.B : Submit correct date of birth
    • Gender : Tick Male/Female
    • Details : Type your desired email address and password
    • Select Country and click on “Submit”
Outlook Account Information

The registration process is successfully done, now you will be given access to your Outlook.com account and users can start using it instantly. Now, whenever you have to do login then just follow these procedure so that to use inbox anytime from any corner of the world.

  1. You can directly visit their homepage from below given link
  2. One can see their direct Outlook Login option
  3. Enter your email address and password which you created in first step
  4. Its ready to go again!

Other Features and Specifications :

As mentioned above also this mailing service is completely fine which has modern GUI and much more. Apart from that, it even comes with some other new functions which is created for the betterment of users, have a look.

Unlimited Storage : Unlike Gmail, here you can secure loads of data without any limit of storage. This thing is not providing by anyone till now as far as I remember.

Temporary Address : If you don’t want your real address to be revealed to some people, then you can use this feature to save your privacy, isn’t it good?

Recover Trashed Mail : No worries! if you lost your any important message, their servers has the extra copy of all your data even if you have deleted it years ago.

Send Big files : One can send large files across clouds without any extra efforts, their powerful servers will send it very quickly.

Extra Security : Same like Facebook, here you don’t have to fear about activities like phishing because your account will be passed from secure layer and extra technology processes which gives the surety of complete security.

Disposable Password : This is strong point security step as theirs fear that your account will have any suspicious activity, as the password you are using will be disposed once used. (This is optional feature)

So folks, I think new Outlook.com is largest revolution in this year evolved by Microsoft. I combined by previous email provider with this and I’m already enjoying and exploring great features daily. Feel free to drop comments and share your ideas with us.

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