Use (Hotmail) on Nokia & Android which was also known as Hotmail and its the world’s second largest free e-mail provider has now rolled out to mobile industry most probably for smartphones.

As we all know that Microsoft upgraded their decades of old mailing service to latest one indicating their capacity to conquer and win the hearts of netizens.

In order to maintain their quality and popularity from starting only they have launched mobile applications, in  the sense now users can easily use on Nokia and Android phones and that too without doing any sort of settings into their personal cell.

Keeping this same intention in mind today I am going to share some applications for your smartphones which will help you to access your Hotmail or you can say Outlook without doing the extra processes of login and so.

So you have to just download the software which is mentioned in this article and then to just chill out. I think there are only two leaders in mobile operating system : Nokia and Android, so I have given download links for those OS only. For those who don’t have either of this two, don’t worry I have given an better option for you too.

Now after getting enough basic information about this app its time to explain you about its downloading and installation process.

Well! its very easy task to fulfill but still for your better I have mentioned each and every steps so that you can easily access and enjoy Hotmail onto your cell. Just follow below mentioned steps : App for Nokia and Android

Though they have changed the GUI and features of previous but still they use similar kinda or same servers for this new service thus we still have their official Android Application which we were using for Live Mail.

I know you don’t like ancient things but I am very much sure that Microsoft will come soon with updated version of this so stay tuned!’s Android App :

  1. Download the official app from Google Play store <link>
  2. After installing it, just open and follow log in process
  3. You must have login details of new account (
  4. Its done! Mobile Apps

Features :

It definitely comes with special features and specification which I am going to mention here. Using this soft. you will get entire data of your account ranging from inbox to sent mails and so.

  • Instant delivery of emails
  • Explore all the folders
  • Send images and other media directly
  • Receive and save attachments easily for Nokia and Other Smartphones :

I’m very much sorry to say that no official or unofficial app is available for same on Nokia and so we have to use the traditional and classic method of access the account from web browser.

But here’s good news that they have WAP version of site which is very light and easy. Steps are written below :

  1. Visit their mobile version site from here
  2. Now, login into your Account
  3. You will see the very clean version on your mail

So friends, I hope you are enjoyed this article and its contents. Hotmail App is really the best way to get in touch with your email accounts from any corner of the world.

I am also using the same onto my phone, it is really very handy and great to use. Please drop your valuable views via comments.

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